Eternal self, Twice Born, Brighter Existence influence on the world
The Supreme Spirit and the Soul

“The soul knows what I know not. It sees into hidden places and understands deep mysteries. Let me know its nature better, that it may instruct me in wisdom. My soul swells with gratitude towards the Bounteous Being, who causes all things to be, which fulfill all desires. My God is not graven in marble or stone. He is not shaped in wood or cast in copper. He has neither offering nor ministrations. My God is a god of quiet places and silences. He is found where the wild winds blow and the gay flowers blossom, away from the habitations of men. He is not worshiped in temples, and His praises are not sunk by the unthinking multitude. … He has no painted shrine, no building fashioned by man could contain Him. Hail to the Supreme Power and Spirit!” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:21:9)

The Kolbrin Bible does contain some odd things, but also some beautiful ones as in the quote above. It does require some spiritual knowledge and understanding to make sense of it, though. So lets break it down.

The soul certainly knows many things that the physical body and the brain/mind does not and cannot. No matter how long you study, how many degree you get, the brain cannot actually understand anything beyond the world of matter. It can accept that spiritual realms exist, it can except that life from such as Angels and Beings of Light dwell in those realms, but not much more than that. Only the soul, which is like a mind for the spirit, can truly understand the spiritual because it is spirit, it is one with God. Unfortunately, it only knows, grows, and learns these great truths if it is awakened. Once it has awakened, and gained the great knowledge and wisdom called Gnosis, it can indeed instruct you in wisdom and understanding. And the soul is certainly grateful to God for all that He is and all that He does.

God creating Adam

God Creating Adam (detail).

The next part is less obvious. We are told that God cannot be found carved in stone, cast in copper, shaped in wood. This seems untrue since there are images of God all over, in churches, temples, and holy places of all kinds. The point the author of the quote is trying to make is that these are not true representations of God. A painting of a man-like God is symbolic only, not an actual image of God. A statue is merely a representation, not an actual depiction of God. We love to try to bring God down to us by making Him seem very human-like, but that doesn’t make it true and we should not accept such images as representing a likeness of God.

We are then told that God cannot be found in a church or temple. This is not actually true since God can be found everywhere. I think the point the author was trying to make in this section is that if you want to know God, to get close to God, do not go into a temple or church with its windows stained to block out God’s light. It is much better to get away from the masses, especially if you live in a large city, and go our into the wilderness, or at least into a park. You will be closer to God hugging a tree rather than sitting in a pew in a man-made cave. You will be closer to God smelling and observing a field of wildflowers than you will kneeling in front of a graven image. This does not mean that having churches is wrong, but don’t think of them as the places where God dwells. He dwells in the Light, and there is greater light outside than in those temples.

Finally, the author recognizes God as his great benefactor and creator of his true self with the acknowledgment that God is the Supreme Power, the Supreme Spirit, the One, the All. No further explanation needed for this.


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