Three Suns
The Three Suns and the Intellect

“Certain Rosicrucian scholars have given special appellations to these three phases of the sun: the spiritual sun they called Vulcan, the solar and intellectual sun, Christ and Lucifer respectively, and the material sun, the Jewish Demiurgus Jehovah. Lucifer here represents the intellectual mind without the illumination of the spiritual mind; therefore it is ‘the false light.’ The false light is finally overcome and redeemed by the true light of the soul called the Second Logos, or Christ. … In the rare treatise ‘The Secret symbols of the Rosicrucian’ Franz Hartmann defines the sun alchemically as: ‘The symbol of Wisdom. The center of power or heart of things. Each living being contains within itself a center of life, which may grow to be a sun. In the heart of the regenerated, the divine power, stimulated by the Light of the Logos, grows into a sun which illuminates his mind.’”~Manly P. Hall

We would say three suns rather than three phases of the sun, but the basic idea is the same. There is the physical sun which equates to our physical body, the psychic or intellectual sun that equates to our psychic body, and the spiritual sun that relates to and effects the spirit and soul. A special note should be made of the fact that hall equates the physical sun with both matter and the Demiurge which he says is the Jewish God Jehovah. Something to ponder.

Hall equates the second of the three suns with both Lucifer and Christ. He says Lucifer represents Intellect, but without the illumination, or guidance, of the spiritual mind. Christ therefore represents the spiritual mind that also has enough intellect to deal with the forces of Satan. Some might argue that Christ belongs at the level of the spiritual sun, and they may be correct, but that isn’t really important for this discussion. Hall also doesn’t say what being was equated with the spiritual sun, but the answer indicated by inference is God, the Father.

So as humans, we have three bodies: one material, one psychic or mental, and one spiritual. Likewise, there is a material sun, a mental and psychic sun and a spiritual sun. It is important to note that the psychic and the spiritual is not the same. Many people thing that developing psychic abilities is a way to become spiritual. While it may be a step in the right direction, one needs to go beyond the psychic to become truly spiritual.

The real importance of this, however, is that Manly is relating the suns to light and the logos. This is something most ancients understood, but the knowledge has been lost to most. We know that the primary source of physical light on Earth is our sun and those who have been convinced by fools to hide from this sun are now finding themselves with illnesses brought about by this, mainly from vitamin D deficiency. One has to wonder if hiding from the physical sun, which is also hiding from the psychic/mental sun, has some connection with the fact that we seem to be having an epidemic of stupid these days. In any case, it makes sense that exposure, within reasonable limits, to that sun will help us have healthy minds and psychic bodies just as the physical sun helps make the physical body healthy. But the goal of those of us seeking a spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment is to take in the higher light of the third sun, the spiritual sun. It is the light of that sun that awakens and nourishes the spirit and soul and awaken us to the many levels of truth and reality that are hidden from the physical senses and the mind. All three suns are important, but the most important of all is the spiritual for just as our spirit are eternal, so is the spirit of the sun.


3 thoughts on “My Three Suns – And What they Represent

  1. Paul V Young says:

    Thank you Harold! I appreciate the link and will continue to follow your site. Kind regards, Paul

  2. Paul V Young says:

    Seeing the image at the head of your article, I immediately wondered if you may be able to shed any light on the question I asked in my blog a couple of weeks ago, about the origin of a Solar coat of arms (from the UK) showing the same three suns with the same expresssions.

    1. Harold Boulette says:

      Hello Paul, I don’t know the specific coat-of-arms in the picture, but often a group of stars or suns on one indicates that a new territory has been formed by bringing together several districts or regions. In such cases, each star or sun represents one of the districts as in this example:

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