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Be Part of the Changing World

“But if it undertakes to speak of the immeasurable Space, then it becomes full of Lies, and is troubled and confounded: for it belies the unmeasurable Deity; as Antichrist does, which will have the Deity to be only above the starry Heaven, that thereby himself may remain to be God upon Earth, riding upon the great beast, which yet must shortly go into the original lake of brimstone, into the kingdom of King Lucifer, for the Time is come, that the Beast shall be revealed and spewed out; … There is a wall and seal before the servants and ministers of Antichrist, till the wrath be executed upon her whoredom, … and till the eyes of the blind be opened;” ~Jacob Boehme

Why would speaking about the “Immeasurable Space” make lies of it? Modern scientists in the field of Quantum Physics, tell us that a thing is changed simply by being observed, so we cannot be certain what was there before we observed it. That may be part of what Boehme is talking about, in a sense, but I think it is something else. When He speaks of immeasurable space, he is talking, I think, about the spiritual realms, not the physical space of the universe of matter which, while enormous, is not truly infinite, and it therefore measurable (though we may not currently have the ability to measure it). He goes on to say that God (the Deity) is unmeasurable, implying therefore that the universe of God, the spiritual one is infinite and timeless.

Changing World

The Changing World will eliminate Satan & the Beast.

Boehme is correct in pointing out that thinking of God as some old man up in the sky somewhere is foolish and exactly what Satan wants and promotes. To think of God in such a way is to limit him and God, by definition, has no limits, just as thinking of God as specifically male or female is inherently false because it is placing limits on God, boundaries which don’t exist, except in our minds. But Satan wants us to believe that he is king of the Earth, which, in a sense, he is, but only on the material plane. But, Boehme notes, there is a wall, a barrier, a limit to what Satan and his minions can do on this plane because, even though this is Satan’s realm, God’s power and influence is still active here, God’s Law still applies on the material level.

I read an excellent article in the Huffington Post recently about the great changes that are taking place in the world. It discusses the failure of materialism and capitalism as ways-of-life, the distrust of authority, the turning away from traditional schools, and the growth of spirituality, among other things in this changing world. This is what Boehme is talking about when he says that God’s wrath will be executed upon Satan and his minions, and the eyes of the blind will be opened. The “wrath of God” is, I suspect, a term Boehme used to please the religious leaders of his day who were a little suspicious of the nature of his writings, because God does not get angry, he simply sets laws, boundaries. If you stick your hand in a fire you get burned; that isn’t God’s wrath, just the laws of God and Nature in action. Likewise, on a spiritual level, Gods Laws will not be kind to Satan and his minions, but it isn’t wrath, just God’s Law in action. It is, however, quite true that the “whoredom” as Boehme call it, the fallen world of matter, is near its’ end and will become spirit and a true part of God’s realm once again. It is not the physical eyes that will be opened, but the spiritual ones (just as it was mostly the spiritual eyes of people that Jesus opened during his ministry on Earth, not the physical). And when our eyes are opened and we begin to become more spiritual, so will the world around us and Satan’s reign will end. Be part of the changing world.


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