indifferent state, Perfect Stillness

“You feel, know, and create things first in the energy world. In fact, it’s much more effective, when you want to change something in the physical world, to work first on the inner blueprint of its pattern in the imaginal realm. When you use force and willpower to change physical results instead of changing the inner blueprint, the same form will continue to materialize, in spite of your best efforts. …
“The next time you try communicating with someone, or pray for someone, you might try visualizing your fields connecting and mediating the process. … Take time to allow your words to accurately match your meaning, and send some love and appreciation along with your message.” ~Penney Peirce

Most of us realize that before anything can be created on the physical level, it must first be created on the mental level that Ms. Peirce call the energy level. While you may not form a detailed idea of what is desired, at least not right away, as you work on the project, your mental image must become clearer and more detailed if you are to get the desired results. No sculptor would start chiseling away at a rock without first deciding what he wants to carve it into and forming a fairly detailed picture in his mind.

Yet, as Peirce also points out, some do attempt to create using mere brute force and willpower without thinking out the project in advance. The result is usually a disaster: too much is wasted, needed materials or tools are missing, and the cost is usually much too high. The guy who visualized his project in advance was able to get the right tools and material together, assemble it with minimal problems, and get a desired result quicker, at a lower price, and will little waste.

Most people understand this. Hopefully, none of us would have a house built for us without asking to see the blueprints and plans first. None of us would think that if we randomly welded together pieces of scrap metal, we would end up with a well-built car. Yet most of us don’t apply the same logic to our spiritual development.

We think that such rules don’t apply to the spiritual, but they do, at least in certain ways. Many think that by just wishing to be spiritual and hoping to gain spiritual knowledge, it will happen. It is great for a student to visualize herself getting that college degree, but she must also attend classes and do the homework or the visualizing is just idle daydreaming. Likewise, just wishing to be spiritual, even seeing your self as a spiritual person in your mind isn’t enough. I can visualize a beautiful marble statue I my mind, but since I have no training or experience in sculpting, I would never be able to carve it. Along with the visualizing, training and experience is needed. On the spiritual side, we can visualize ourselves awakening our spirit and soul—which is always the first step—but it won’t do us much good if we don’t actually know how to do that. And even if you awaken your spiritual faculties by a fortunate accident, you won’t know how to continue to develop and use them to the greatest effect without training and experience. That is why spiritual study is needed and the best way to do that is through a spiritual school since books only have part of the solution. The complete program is never put into writing accept in an allegorical form that cannot be understood without knowing the key.

In the later part of the quote, Peirce advises us to visualize our energy field connecting to the person or group we are trying to communicate with. This may be a good method in most cases, but it should be used with caution. If you connect to a very negative or low-energy person, or worse yet a group of them, they can suck the energy out of you, or at least neutralize it. That is why advanced spiritual teachers never give talks or classes at prisons.

So visualize and act to create, but also study and practice for best results.


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