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Be Positive and Loving

“When meditating on divine realities, be full of goodness, free from envy, devout, self-restrained, gentle, as generous as possible, kindly, peaceable, and so on. For to conform to God through such qualities, and not to judge anyone or to say that he is wicked and has sinned, is to render the soul inviolate. One should search our one’s own faults and scrutinize one’s own way of life, to see whether it conforms to God.” ~The Philokalia

Whether meditating or doing some other form of spiritual awakening or developing technique, it is indeed important to be full of loving and positive thoughts. Actually, it is best to think like that always, but especially when engaged in spiritual practices. One reason is because your vibrations are higher when you are thinking generous, kind, and loving thoughts as opposed to being angry and divisive. Also, if you are trying to grow spiritually, but you are thinking jealous thoughts about another student who is progressing faster than you, or a bout a neighbor who just bought an expensive new car, you are not really concentrating on what you are doing. And if you are practicing the techniques of looking at the spiritual sun, negative and hateful thoughts that you broadcast will be amplified by the power of the sun and reflected back to you and others. Obviously, that is not a good thing. Many spiritual teachers will state that you should empty your mind of all thoughts when doing spiritual techniques, and that is the ideal. It is not easy, especially for the beginner, to achieve that ideal regularly, so the second best choice is to try to keep your thinking minimal and on positive thoughts. Some schools will tell you to think on a mantra that is meaningless to you. That may work for some, but I think dwelling instead on a positive word like love, joy, or generosity is just as good, if not better. In fact, one technique we practice is to visualize neutral energy coming in to us, and then we send it out to other full of positive, loving thoughts. We also send such thoughts to the sun to counter the damaging effects of the many sending angry and violent thoughts to it. Continue reading “Be Positive and Loving”

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The Great Paradox

“What Hermetists know as ‘the Law of paradox’ is an aspect of the Principle of Polarity. The Hermetic writings are filled with references to the appearance of paradox in the consideration of the problems of life and being. The teachers are constantly warning their students against the error of omitting the ‘other side’ of any question. Their warnings are particularly directed to the problems of the absolute and the relative. … We caution all students to be sure to grasp the Divine Paradox of the absolute and the relative. … Anything that has a beginning and an ending must be, in a sense, unreal and untrue, and the Universe comes under that rule. … Whether the Universe be created of Matter, or whether it be mental creation in the Mind of THE ALL, it is insubstantial, non-enduring, a thing of time, space and change.” ~Three Initiates (in The Kybalion)

A paradox can be a statement or concept that seems sensible, but is actually false. It can also be a statement or idea that seems illogical, even ridiculous, yet is absolutely true. It can also be a person or group that behaves in a paradoxical way, or at least appears to according to outsiders.

When it comes to the material universe, material science talks a bout solids, liquids, and gases. It talks about forces like gravity and energies like x-rays, gamma rays, and visible light. It all seems very logical, very sensible, very real, but is it? The Hermetic Law of Paradox according to the Kybalion anyway, says that it isn’t sensible or logical at all, but is illusion, falsehood, deception. It should not be surprising that Satan, the Lord of Deception, is the ruler of the deceptive world of matter, for now anyway. Continue reading “The Great Paradox”

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Mysticism and Magic

“It will be our business later to consider in more detail the characteristics and significance of magic. Now it is enough to say that we may class broadly as magical all forms of self-seeking transcendentalism. … Whether the end proposed be the evocation of an angel, the power of transcending circumstances, or the healing of disease. The object is always the same: the deliberate exaltation of the will, till it transcends its usual limitations and obtains … something which they did not previously possess. …
“Mysticism, whose great name is too often given to these supersensual activities, has nothing in common with this. It is non-individualistic. … It is essentially a movement of the heart, seeking to transcend the limitations of the individual standpoint and to surrender itself to ultimate Reality, for no personal gain … but purely from an instinct of love.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Things have changes somewhat since Ms. Underhill wrote this about 100 years ago. We still have these two schools of thought with how to deal with the world beyond the physical, but we use different terminology. We don’t refer to magic anymore except in fictional novels. Instead we have positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, and visualization as forms of magic. It is possible to use such things in a mystical or spiritual way rather than magical, in other words to benefit the whole rather than just ourselves, but they are mostly used for self-benefit in the material world. Continue reading “Mysticism and Magic”

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Duties in Ordinary Life

“It need hardly be mentioned that the student must in no way neglect any of his duties in ordinary life because he is living and working in higher worlds. There is no duty in a higher world that can force a person to neglect and single one of his duties in the ordinary world. The father will remain just as good a father to his family, the mother just as good a mother, and neither the soldier, nor anyone else will be diverted from his work by becoming an esoteric student. On the contrary, all the qualities which make a human being capable and efficient are enhanced in the student to a degree incomprehensible to the uninitiated. If, in the eyes of the uninitiated, this does not always appear to be the case, it is simply because he often lacks the ability to judge the initiate correctly.” ~Rudolf Steiner

When spiritual teachers tell us to not become attached to the world and to worldly things, it does not mean that we should give up all of our duties and responsibilities to the world. Of course, there are some things the spiritual student should give up, such as the pursuit of wealth for it’s own sake, but not her duties to function in the world and contribute to it in a way that helps the world grow and become more spiritual. Continue reading “Duties in Ordinary Life”