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Immature Persons and Mature Persons

“Immature persons without moral imagination like to look upon the instincts of their underdeveloped natures as the full content of humanity, and to reject all moral ideas which they have not produced, I order that they have not produced, in order that they may ‘live themselves our’ without restriction. But it is obvious that what holds good for a fully developed human being does not apply to one who is only half-developed. One who still has to be brought by education to the point where his moral nature breaks through the shell of his lower passions, cannot lay claim to what applies to a man who is mature. …
“The fully mature man gives himself his value. … He acts in accordance with his ethical intuition, and in the attainment of what he wants he feels the true enjoyment of life.” ~Rudolf Steiner

When we talk about maturity here, we are concerned more with spiritual maturity than with the physical, but there is some overlap. Clearly, a person who is mentally immature is not going to seek spiritual development, but a person can be physically and mentally mature without being spiritual at all. Even a person with a half dozen college degrees may be spiritually immature, and not even be aware of it. The really sad thing is that many of our institutions, including great universities and governments, place little value on spiritual maturity. Oh, yes they do lip service to religion, but only insofar as those religions stick with teaching ethical behavior in the world of materialism. They shun any church or spiritual school that teaches actual spiritual development. Continue reading “Immature Persons and Mature Persons”

Muzzle Satan

To Muzzle Satan

“With Freedom is thy struggle, O Evil One: it can cast on thee a muzzle, if it so please. … I confess, O Evil One that as usury: I lay up the King’s treasures, till His coming. O Death, rather deny that this belongs to God: this treasure of subtlety, which I have stored. Thy coinage is fraudulent, then, O Satan: that into the treasuries of God, is not received. … Closed and bound be thy mouth, Evil One, who art thus bold: to set thyself, lo! In comparison with the creator. … Love melts down many, as in a furnace: and makes one powerful mass, that overcomes all. In it are wisdom and cunning, and force and power: it is greater far than an image of sixty cubits.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

You may not believe this, but when I opened this book on my Kindle and started quoting from this passage, I was not aware that it was written by a Syrian. Who wrote it, however, is really not important. What matters is what it can teach us, if we choose to listen.

First, St. Ephraim tells the Evil One (Satan) that his struggle is with freedom, for freedom has the power to bind him and muzzle him. That is allegory, of course. Freedom doesn’t literally bind Satan, it allow people to learn, to grow, and to see the falseness in his teachings and his fear-mongering. Continue reading “To Muzzle Satan”

Heaven Bound

Travel to Heaven and Hell

“The Scholar asked his Master ‘Whither goeth the Soul when the body dieth?’
His Master answered him: There is no necessity for it to go whither. … Only the outward mortal life with the body shall separate themselves from the Soul. The Soul hath Heaven and Hell within itself … There is no such kind of entering in; forasmuch as Heaven and Hell are everywhere, being universally co-existent. … For God is in Heaven and God is everywhere. … The Devil is in Hell, and the whole world, … which is as much as to say, not only that the Devil is in the world, but that the world is in the Devil; and if in the Devil, then in Hell too.” ~Jacob Bohme

This may be a matter of splitting hairs, yet it is important to understand what Bohme is trying to say. In the conventional, material sense of going somewhere, physical movement must be involved. He is saying that no such movement is necessary to go to Heaven or Hell. Heaven and Hell are dimensions, not places like Paris or Rome. On the other hand, it is not correct to say we are already in either Heaven or Hell. While the Earthly Third Dimension is very close to Hell, which is the second dimension, it isn’t Hell. And Heaven is several dimension above the third. So we do have to “travel” to get there, it is just not a type of travel that involves any physical movement. Instead, we need only lower our frequencies to those of Hell to sink into that dimension or raise the to those of Heaven to find ourselves suddenly in that direction. It may be “traveling without moving” as they say in the Dune books, but it is still traveling and we do need to make an effort to get there. Continue reading “Travel to Heaven and Hell”

sacred brotherhood, community of light

Spiritual Schools and Occult Brotherhoods

“There are a number of Occult Brotherhoods, of varying degrees of advancement, scattered throughout the various countries of the earth. Theses brotherhoods agree in principle with the Yogi Teachings, although the methods of interpretation may vary somewhat. … These Occult Brotherhoods vary in their nature. In some, the members are grouped together in retired portions of the earth, dwelling in community life. In others the headquarters are in some large cities of the earth. Other have … members scattered all over the face of the earth, the communication being kept up by personal correspondence and privately printed and circulated literature. Admission to these true Occult Brotherhoods is difficult. … They seek to impart information and instruction only to those who are prepared to receive it—to those who have reached that stage of spiritual unfoldment that will enable them to grasp and assimilate the teachings of the inner Circles.” ~William Walker Atkinson

I would prefer to call these groups Mystery Schools, Mystical Schools, or Spiritual Schools rather than Occult since that name is often associated today with black magic and Satanism, but otherwise I can agree with what Mr. Atkinson says about such schools (he says a lot more, but I didn’t want to quote 500 words). Continue reading “Spiritual Schools and Occult Brotherhoods”