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Conflict and Destruction is Not Inevitable

“The conflict and destruction that reign among living beings are inevitable, since things here are derived, brought into existence because the Divine Reason which contains all of them in the upper Heavens—how could they come here unless they were there?—must outflow over the whole extent of matter.
“Similarly, the very wronging of man by man may be derived from an effort towards the Good; foiled, in their weakness, of their true desire, they turn against each other; still, when they do wrong, they pay the penalty—that of having hurt their Souls by their evil conduct and of degradation to a lower place—for nothing can ever escape what stands decreed in the law of the universe.” ~Plotinus

Sorry, Plotinus, but much of that is simply not true. First, conflict and destruction is not inevitable, but is the result of the Great Fall from the heavenly realms, or spiritual worlds, to the mud puddles of matter. Such things are not the result of Divine Reason, but of the fact that while we are the children of God, we are also, on the material level, children of Satan, or the fallen angels. Plotinus doesn’t believe in the Gnostic idea that the material universe was not created by the true God, but his beliefs don’t change the facts. Continue reading “Conflict and Destruction is Not Inevitable”

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Visualize and Act to Create

“You feel, know, and create things first in the energy world. In fact, it’s much more effective, when you want to change something in the physical world, to work first on the inner blueprint of its pattern in the imaginal realm. When you use force and willpower to change physical results instead of changing the inner blueprint, the same form will continue to materialize, in spite of your best efforts. …
“The next time you try communicating with someone, or pray for someone, you might try visualizing your fields connecting and mediating the process. … Take time to allow your words to accurately match your meaning, and send some love and appreciation along with your message.” ~Penney Peirce

Most of us realize that before anything can be created on the physical level, it must first be created on the mental level that Ms. Peirce call the energy level. While you may not form a detailed idea of what is desired, at least not right away, as you work on the project, your mental image must become clearer and more detailed if you are to get the desired results. No sculptor would start chiseling away at a rock without first deciding what he wants to carve it into and forming a fairly detailed picture in his mind.

Yet, as Peirce also points out, some do attempt to create using mere brute force and willpower without thinking out the project in advance. The result is usually a disaster: too much is wasted, needed materials or tools are missing, and the cost is usually much too high. The guy who visualized his project in advance was able to get the right tools and material together, assemble it with minimal problems, and get a desired result quicker, at a lower price, and will little waste. Continue reading “Visualize and Act to Create”

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Spiritual Consciousness and Ego

“When the self has grown up from the ‘active’ to the ‘contemplative’ state of consciousness, it is plain his whole relation to his environment has changed. His world is grouped around a new center. It now become the supreme business of intellect to ‘gaze upon God,’ the supreme business of love to stretch out toward Him. When these twin powers, under the regency of the enhanced and trained will are set toward reality, then the human creature has done his part in the setting up of the relation of the soul to its Source, and made it possible for the music of the infinite to sound in him.” ~Evelyn Underhill

I would not refer to these two states of consciousness as “active” and “contemplative”, but Underhill makes a great deal of sense here.

I would refer to the first, more primitive state of “self” as the material mind, the ego, or the materialistic self. That may seem like splitting hairs, but there is a good reason why I wouldn’t call this the active state, which I will get to shortly. This is the self that is exclusively, or almost exclusively, interested in things of the material world. A person trapped on this level may be a materialist, but not necessarily. Surprisingly to many of us who have always been somewhat spiritual, many of those in conventional religions and churches fall into this category also. They see “doing God’s work” as things like feeding the poor and caring for those who have physical illnesses. They think that such behavior is the path to heaven, to enlightenment. While it is certainly good for all of us to do such things, in themselves, they will not get us to Heaven. Continue reading “Spiritual Consciousness and Ego”