“The golden ornaments used by the priestcraft of the various world religions are again a subtle reference to the solar energy, as are also the crowns of kings. In ancient times, crowns had a number of points extruding outward like the rays of the sun, but modern conventionalism has, in many cases, either removed the points or else bent them inward. … Many of the ancient prophets, philosophers, and dignitaries carried a scepter, the upper end of which bore a representation of the solar globe surrounded by emanating rays. …
“Many deities have been associated with the sun. The Greeks believed that Apollo, Bacchus, Dionysos, Sabazius, Hercules …. partook of either the visible or invisible attributes of the sun. The Norwegians regarded Balder the Beautiful as a solar deity, and Odin is often connected with the celestial orb. … Among the Egyptians, Osiris, Ra, Anubis, Hermes, and even the mysterious Ammon himself had points of resemblance with the solar disk.” ~Manly P. Hall

I have to admit that with all my years of studying the spiritual sun (over twenty), I had never considered the symbolic meaning of the crowns of kings. It does seem obvious, though, when you stop to think about it, that those gold crowns with points or rays around the edge, and often studded with jewels, represented the sun. But why would kings, prophets, high priests, and others wear crowns that represented the sun? The answer is simply that they wanted to represent that their power and wisdom came from the sun, whether it was true or not.

We have all seen movies where a new king is crowned by a bishop, high priest, or some similar religious figure. This was done to symbolically say that the church of the place and time approved of this king and recognized him as a true student of the sun mysteries and one who had gained wisdom from the sun. This was not always true. Sometimes the priest was forced under threat of death to crown a king and sometimes the priest himself was corrupt, but it started properly.

The people wanted to know that their leaders were one with the sun, but then the question arises: which sun? This is where many historians fall short, putting all ancient civilizations that apparently worshiped the sun into one basket without investigating the details. There were actually a number of variations, but two primary ones. The more primitive type who can truly be called sun worshipers dealt with the physical sun and truly believed that it actually was god, or at least a god. What most historians ignore is that there was a second group. This group looked to the spiritual sun, not the physical, as indicated in the quote when Hall says, “partook of either the visible or invisible attributes of the sun”. Further, those who turned to the invisible sun, the spiritual sun, dis not see it as God, but as a link between God and man or man and Heaven, a sort of window between the dimensions. For some reason, many historians find that distinction too subtle to worry about, but it is highly significant.


Greek god Apollo

We only have to look at how many of the great civilizations of the past associated major deities with the sun. The Greeks, Egyptians, and Babylonians are only a few of the great civilizations where the priests and kings were guided by the spiritual sun, at least during part of their civilization. There is also evidence that such groups existed in China, India, Hawaii and more.

Today, we are seeing a resurgence of this to some degree with the sun-gazing groups. Unfortunately, most of those groups get their information indirectly and so are gazing at the physical sun. While that can have some health benefits for the physical body, and possibly even the brain/mind, it does nothing for awakening the spirit and soul and gaining that Divine Wisdom that earned those early kings their golden crowns. Fortunately, there are also schools teaching people how to gaze upon the spiritual sun and gain that wisdom, so maybe one day our leaders can one again deserve to wear those gold crowns.


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