Sun of Life, Sun of Righteousness, Always Shining Sun

“Upon this entire surrender and yielding up of thy Will, the Love of God in thee becometh the Life of they Nature; it killeth thee not, but quickeneth thee, who art now dead to thyself in thine own Will, according to its proper Life, even the Life of God. And then thou livest to its will; for as much as the will is henceforth become its will. So then it is no longer thy will, but the Will of God; no longer the love of thyself, but the Love of God, which movest and operateth in thee; and then, thou being thus comprehended in it, thou art dead indeed as to thyself, but art alive unto God.” ~Jacob Bohme

When we surrender our will and ego to the Will of God, and make a concerted effort to follow God’s will we not losing anything. While we like to believe that what we think with our own will and our own ego is purely our own original thoughts, is very often influence by those beings we call devils or demons as well as by the thoughts and words of others around us. What we consider free will is therefore not truly free at all. It is almost always influenced by outside sources so the only true freedom we have is to choose what those outside influences will be. We can choose to let God and his angels and the beings of light be our primary influence or we can not choose at all and by default be influenced by the dark beings and by other people who very often don’t know what they’re talking about.

Bohme tells us that  we love God it becomes our nature, that is, following the will of God becomes second nature to us. Some people fear that surrendering their will to God will essentially destroy their own will and their self, but that is not true. Surrendering your will and you ego to God do not destroy you but in fact, wake up a hidden part of you that you probably didn’t even know existed. This hidden part of you is your spirit and soul. We all know that we have a spirit and soul, but many of us are not aware that they must be awaken and nourished in order for them to function. And even when the soul is fully awaken the ego is not destroyed, but is simply placed under control of the superior knowledge and wisdom that is in the soul.

We are further told that when we love God that it is that love which moves and operates us. In other words we can think of it as a hierarchy of thought and motivation. At the lowest level is our animal instincts and emotional behavior, the next level is our own intellect and the highest level is spiritual knowledge that comes from God to us through our soul. This higher level of knowledge and wisdom is known as Christ Consciousness, cosmic consciousness, or simply Gnosis. The advantage of this higher level of knowledge and allowing it to control us is that it is infallible. In Christ consciousness, all is truth, not speculation, not being in, but 100% truth.

It is an exaggeration to say that we are dead to ourselves when we follow God. It is not that are old self is dead, but rather that it has been expanded to include much greater awareness than we previously had. It is like saying that the ignorant peasant is dead once he has completed school and got a degree. Obviously, that is not true. The ignorant peasant is not dead, he has simply changed by being educated. In the spiritual person is not intellectually dead because he has submitted to the Will of God, he his simply changed and become more than he was before. It is not making you a puppet of God because you are always doing it voluntarily and you can change your mind at any time, though you would be very foolish to do so.


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