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“Solar evolutions proceeding from the solar Logos – which is your God – synchronize roughly with the ring influences of the cosmos. That is to say that under the positive cosmic influences the Logos will give the stimulus which sends a new swarm upon its journey, but the length and speed of that journey synchronize thenceforth with nothing else, because there are so many counteracting influences, save that it will have to make its passage through the Nadir at a time when the cosmic tides are turning. But it may have one or more cosmic phases upon its outgoing arc.
“The change of a phase will always precipitate an evolutionary crisis, but until a cosmic tide-turn occurs, when evolution is approaching the limits of its developmental capacities, it will not venture over the dead center, but will perform epigenesis and bide it’s time.” ~Dion Fortune

The paragraphs quoted above grabbed my attention immediately when I saw the beginning of the first sentence talking about solar evolution. Solar evolution is in a sense exactly what we are always talking about in Cosolargy. But the evolution we are talking about is a spiritual one far more that it is the material, although the material world is very much involved. What was even more surprising to see in this quote from nearly 100 years ago is the reference to the solar Logos as God. Of course the solar Logos is not God himself, but is an image of God, is the word of God, and it is through contact with this logos that we can know God and that our spirits and souls can be fully awaken and become one with God and the immortal powers of the spiritual universe.

I’m not quite sure what ms. Fortune means when she talks about a new swarm, but we are indeed seeing a great change in our universe both on the physical and the spiritual levels almost people are not aware that it is happening yet. This great change is the one that the Old Testament prophet Malachi wrote about when he’s talked about the sun of righteousness. This sun of righteousness is the very same thing that Fortune is referring to as the solar Logos. This sun of righteousness which could be thought of as a fully enlightened spirit within the sun is what we must turn to in order for God’s light to awaken and nourish our spirits and souls. Doing this. However. Is not as simple as it sounds. For one thing, in order to look at the spiritual sun you must also look at the physical sun but at the same time you must take care to be sure that it is the spiritual sun which is being a primary influence on you and not the physical sun. While sun gazing at the physical sun, a process that has become popular among some New Age groups in recent years who do not fully understand what Cosolargy is teaching, can have some benefits on the physical body, what we are concerned with is the immortal spirit and soul and they can be nourished only by the spiritual sun or, as Fortune calls it, the solar Logos.

Fortune then tells us that a great change will always precipitate evolutionary crisis. This happens for two reasons. One, because the change itself causes an evolutionary crisis, and second, because there will always be a great deal of resistance to change by those who are comfortable with things as they are or those who simply fear change. We are seeing this today with certain social issues that I won’t get into here but this is just a small scale example of what I’m talking about. The big change that is starting already is a change on a cosmic level a change that will affect the entire material universe, and indeed already has. This change is a change of frequencies. This change will ultimately result in all matter becoming once again spirit. Materialists will naturally resist this, as well others who fear change or who cannot accept the idea of a spiritual universe from which the material one was generated. But the fact that they do not recognize anything spiritual does not change its reality one bit and Ms. Fortune is correct in saying that we are in the process of an evolution, not of species but of an entire universe. While this process can be fought, and possibly slow down, it is inevitable and the smart people will be the ones or work towards making it happen and adjusting to it rather than fighting it.


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