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Random Thoughts 9-20-2015

Fate hands Donald Trump a golden opportunity to prove he is presidential, and he fails. On the other hand, if he called out the lies in the statements of the Islamophobe, he would probably be deserted by half of his current following.


I’m glad they have identified the little girl known as “baby Doe” and arrested her mother and the mother’s boyfriend. I certainly hope this isn’t going to be one of those cases where either the mother killed the child in order to keep the boyfriend or the boyfriend killed the child and told the mother to keep quiet about it. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 9-20-2015”

Light and light

Seek Wisdom and Truth

“The wise person will be nourished by truth and will be like a tree growing by the stream of water. Some people have wings but rush toward visible things that are far from truth. The fire that guides them gives them an illusion of truth. And it will shine on them with the perishable beauty, and will imprison them in dark delight and captured them in sweet-smelling pleasure. And it will blind them with insatiable desire, inflame their souls, and be like a steak jammed into their heart that can never be removed. It leads them according to its own wish, like a bit in the mouth.
“It has bound them with its chains and tied all their limbs with the bitterness of the bondage of desire for those visible things that parish and change and fluctuate impulsively. They have always been drawn downward. When they are slain they are drawn to all the animals of corruption.
“Blessings on the wise person who has sought truth and when it has been found, has rested upon it forever and has not been afraid of those who wish to trouble him.” ~The Book of Thomas

The wise person is something we should all wish to be, but few seem to care about it these days, at least that is the assumption we are forced to make when we see so many pursuing fantasies and ignorance as if they were great treasures. It has even been used in advertising where we see things like eating a certain brand of beef sticks or beer causes one to behave if very stupid ways, such as challenging a bear, and it apparently sells the product. It’s like they are shouting, “Eat this and get stupid!” and people are shouting , “Yes! Yes!” and running to the store.

There are, however, a small number of people who chose instead to pursue wisdom, knowledge and truth. Within that group is an even smaller one that pursues not just knowledge of the ever-changing and therefore not very meaningful material world, but knowledge of the higher worlds, the spiritual worlds. Continue reading “Seek Wisdom and Truth”

Visions, Reason, Knowledge and Spiritual sight

Be Quiet and Listen

“To let oneself go, be quiet, receptive, appears to be the condition under which such contact with the Cosmic Life may be obtained. ‘I have noticed that when one paints one should think of nothing: everything then comes better,’ says the young Raphael to Leonardo da Vinci. The superficial self must here acknowledge its own insufficiency, must become the humble servant of a more profound and vital consciousness. The mystics are of the same opinion. ‘Let the will quietly and wisely understand,’ says St. Teresa, ‘that it is not by dint of labor on our part that we can converse to any good purpose with God.’ ‘The best and noblest way in which thou mayst come into this life,’ says Eckhart, ‘is by keeping silent and letting God work and speak.’” ~Evelyn Underhill

Most experts will tell you that one of the biggest difficulties in communicating with others is that we simply don’t listen. We listen only in a very superficial way when someone else is speaking while our minds are occupied with deciding what we are going to say next, or something else about ourselves. We don’t really want to know what the other person has to says, we want to know how it can benefit us. We always put ourselves at the center of everything.

Books that seek to teach people how to speak and motivate other effectively inevitably advise the speaker to make a point of noting to the audience how the subject matter will benefit them. No matter what benefit the speaker may have received, the audience only cares about how it will benefit them and, if the speaker can’t tell them, they label the talk boring. While this is understandable to some degree, think of how much valuable information you may be missing out on because you look at it wearing the blinders of “How does this benefit me?”. Perhaps even worse, we will often ignore what a person has to say because of their appearance. If the person is not dressed well, or is unattractive, we somehow think they have nothing meaningful to say and miss out again. Continue reading “Be Quiet and Listen”


Spiritual Trials

“The secrets of existence are only accessible to an extent corresponding to man’s own degree of maturity. For this reason alone the path to the higher stages of knowledge and power is beset with obstacles. A firearm should not be used until sufficient experience has been gained to avoid disaster, caused by its use. A person initiated today without further ado would lack the experience which he will gain during his future incarnations before he can attain to higher knowledge in the normal course of his development. … Thus the first instructions given to the candidate for initiation serve as a substitute for these future experiences. These are the so-called trials, which he has to undergo. …
“The would-be initiate must come into contact with certain things and facts belonging to the higher worlds, but he can only see and hear them if his feeling is ripe for the perception of the spiritual.” ~Rudolf Steiner

When told that spiritual enlightenment, spiritual rebirth, cannot happen overnight, or even in a week, some are disappointed and question why that is. In this age of instant gratification, they find it unacceptable and think it may be just a trick of spiritual teachers. But Michael Phelps didn’t win gold medals the week after he learned how to swim. If you want to build a great building, you don’t hire the guy who just graduated from a carpentry trade school. That guy will have to work for years as an apprentice before he can get projects of his own. Spiritual growth is no different. Continue reading “Spiritual Trials”