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Solar Evolution

“Solar evolutions proceeding from the solar Logos – which is your God – synchronize roughly with the ring influences of the cosmos. That is to say that under the positive cosmic influences the Logos will give the stimulus which sends a new swarm upon its journey, but the length and speed of that journey synchronize thenceforth with nothing else, because there are so many counteracting influences, save that it will have to make its passage through the Nadir at a time when the cosmic tides are turning. But it may have one or more cosmic phases upon its outgoing arc.
“The change of a phase will always precipitate an evolutionary crisis, but until a cosmic tide-turn occurs, when evolution is approaching the limits of its developmental capacities, it will not venture over the dead center, but will perform epigenesis and bide it’s time.” ~Dion Fortune

The paragraphs quoted above grabbed my attention immediately when I saw the beginning of the first sentence talking about solar evolution. Solar evolution is in a sense exactly what we are always talking about in Cosolargy. But the evolution we are talking about is a spiritual one far more that it is the material, although the material world is very much involved. What was even more surprising to see in this quote from nearly 100 years ago is the reference to the solar Logos as God. Of course the solar Logos is not God himself, but is an image of God, is the word of God, and it is through contact with this logos that we can know God and that our spirits and souls can be fully awaken and become one with God and the immortal powers of the spiritual universe. Continue reading “Solar Evolution”

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Yielding to the Will of God Doe’s Not Make You a Slave

“Upon this entire surrender and yielding up of thy Will, the Love of God in thee becometh the Life of they Nature; it killeth thee not, but quickeneth thee, who art now dead to thyself in thine own Will, according to its proper Life, even the Life of God. And then thou livest to its will; for as much as the will is henceforth become its will. So then it is no longer thy will, but the Will of God; no longer the love of thyself, but the Love of God, which movest and operateth in thee; and then, thou being thus comprehended in it, thou art dead indeed as to thyself, but art alive unto God.” ~Jacob Bohme

When we surrender our will and ego to the Will of God, and make a concerted effort to follow God’s will we not losing anything. While we like to believe that what we think with our own will and our own ego is purely our own original thoughts, is very often influence by those beings we call devils or demons as well as by the thoughts and words of others around us. What we consider free will is therefore not truly free at all. It is almost always influenced by outside sources so the only true freedom we have is to choose what those outside influences will be. We can choose to let God and his angels and the beings of light be our primary influence or we can not choose at all and by default be influenced by the dark beings and by other people who very often don’t know what they’re talking about. Continue reading “Yielding to the Will of God Doe’s Not Make You a Slave”

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Be Sartisfied

“Those who consider it a misfortune to lose children, slaves, money or any other of their belongings, must realize that in the first place they should be satisfied with what is given to them by God; and then, when they have to give it back, they should be ready to do so gratefully, without any indignation at being deprived of it, or rather at giving it back – for since they have been enjoying the use of what was not their own, they are not in fact returning it.
“A good man does not sell his inner freedom for money, even if he happens to be offered a huge sum. For things belonging to this life are like a dream, and the fantasies of wealth are uncertain and short-lived.” ~The Philokalia

I would not consider children to be “belongings”, but otherwise I agree with most of this quote.

The point of the first paragraph quoted is that we are not the creators of these objects, therefore we have them only on loan. They do not truly belong to us so we should not object when they are lost to us. This is, obviously, not an easy teaching to follow, yet it is a wise one. Spiritual teachers of all types have said for many centuries that becoming too attached to physical things, to property, to good, to money and other forms of material wealth, is both foolish and harmful. Foolish, because these things are temporary and, as the old saying goes, you can’t take it with you. To devote your entire life to pursuing material goods, only to die leaving them behind, is about as foolish as spending your life building a boat when you live in the middle of a desert and have no reason to believe a flood is coming.

The material world is what it is. It is not going to become permanent. It is not going to become real. It is not going to stop constantly changing. So attaching all your hopes and desires to it is like chaining yourself to the wind. Continue reading “Be Sartisfied”


Creating by Man and God

“On his own plane of being, how does Man create? Well, first, he may create by making something out of outside materials. … Secondly, Man procreates or reproduces his kind in the process of begetting, … transferring a portion of his substance to his offspring. But this will not do, because THE ALL cannot transfer or subtract a portion of itself, nor can it reproduce or multiply itself. … Is there no third way in which Man creates? Yes, there is—He CREATES MENTALLY! And in so doing, he used no outside materials, nor does he reproduce himself, and yet his spirit pervades the Mental Creation.
“Following the Principle of Correspondence, we are justified in considering that THE ALL creates the universe MENTALLY, in a manner akin to the process whereby Man creates mental images.” ~The Kybalion by Three Initiates

While much of this quote makes senses, not all of it does if you take the time to think about it. First we need to understand that the purpose of the section is to provide evidence that God (THE ALL) creates mentally, that is to say, he creates something merely by imagining it, and it then exists.

The Initiates tell us that we create in three ways, but only one is real creation. They say that when man creates using outside material, it isn’t really creation, it’s just modification. So when an artist carves a statue from a rock, he didn’t truly create the statue, he just changed the rock. In that, the initiates make a valid point. They then go on to say that procreation is also not true creation, although they don’t really explain it well. Continue reading “Creating by Man and God”