“It is lamentable, that since the fall of Adam, we should be so continually cheated and befooled by the Devil, to think that we are not the Children of God, nor of his essence. He continually puts the monstrous shape or form into our thoughts, as he did into our mother Eve, which she gazed too much upon, and by her representing it in her imagination, she became a child of this World, wholly naked and vain, and void of understanding: And so he does to us also still continually; he would bring us into another Image, as he did Eve, that we might be ashamed to appear in the Presence of the Light and Power of God, as Adam and Eve were, when they hid themselves behind the trees.” ~Jacob Boehme

The first thing we need to get strait is the whole idea of Adam and Eve. Adam & Eve are an allegorical representation of the beginning of the human race in the material world, they are not intended to be literal, actual, persons. Next, we have to look at what their “sin” really was, and why they were kicked out of paradise because of it.

The sin of Adam and Eve was not in eating apples—which it never says they did in any version of the Bible that I have read. The bible does say they ate from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil.” That is not an apple tree. It is not a tree of any kind, at least not in the literal sense. Again, we are dealing with allegory. The knowledge of good and evil is saying knowledge of the material world, which, as Boehme notes, is the Devil’s realm. It is a place of good and evil because no place can be entirely evil, but it doesn’t have to be all evil to be the wrong place to be. The Devil convinced Eve, who convinced Adam in turn, that there was great value in the knowledge of both good and evil rather than knowing only good, and that was the true error. By knowing both good and evil, man was doomed to sometimes do evil just as when every country has bombs, someone is bound to start a war and when everyone has guns, a few are inevitable going to go nuts and shoot people. Just look at how every time science comes up with a great new invention to benefit people, the military research labs try to find a way to turn it into weapon (no offense against the military, I was in the Army myself.)

And why were they kicked out of paradise because of this? It is not a matter of God deciding after the fact that they needed to be rejected, as this event is usually interpreted. It was more a case of nature and science, of action and unavoidable reaction. God established laws in Heaven and that included the law that there could be no evil there because of the one-bad-apple concept. So heaven was made to reject all evil and anything or anyone that contained evil. So when Adam and Eve listened to the Devil and gained knowledge of Evil, which is knowledge of the material, They were pushed out of heaven by the natural forced that back the Law of God, represented allegorically as angels. And when they recognized their error, Adam and Eve tried to hide it, but it cannot be hidden anymore than gravity can be hidden. God did not have to learn of their error and reject them because of it, this reaction was automatically built into God’s law.

While it is true that Adam and Eve were afraid and ashamed to appear in the “Presence of the Light”, after their great error, they eventually realized that the only way to redeem themselves was to go into that light and reawaken their dormant spiritual faculties. This light is not ordinary light, of course, but the light of the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. So don’t be afraid to appear in the Presence of the Light.


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