Nature, Law and God

“Your spirit moves over the Earth, instructing the bee in the gathering of its honey and the hornet in the making of its nest. It directs the ant in the complex design of its cavern and the swallow in its mud gathering. It guides the birds in their season and calls the locusts at their appointed times. All creatures have their unlearned wisdom, which is an outpouring force emanating from Your Spirit.
“When You fill the Earth with the shining light, which rules the day under Your command, all men rejoice, for by this. All things are increased and food comes forth in abundance.” ~The Kolbrin Bible

You may wonder how, as a Gnostic Christian, I can agree that the activities of animals and plants can be guided by God, as the quoted passage states. It doe seem to be contradictory to say that the material world was not created by God, yet is still governed by his law and controlled by his wisdom, but it isn’t contradictory. God’s Law controls all level of the universe so even on the level of matter His Law must be observed. The big problem is that the dark beings who generated this level of being try to hide that fact from us. Continue reading “Nature, Law and God”

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Knowing Truth

“Until a man knows the truth of the several particulars of which he is writing or speaking, and is able to define them as they are, … and until in like manner he is able to discern the nature of the soul, and discover the different modes of discourse which are adopted to different natures, and to arrange and dispose them in such a way that the simple form of speech may be addressed to the simpler nature, and the complex and composite to the more complex nature—until he has accomplished all this, he will be unable to handle arguments according to rules of art, as far as their nature allows them to be subjected to art, either for the purpose of teaching or persuading.” ~Socrates

We could put this very simply as, “If you don’t know what you are talking or writing about, shut up!” but that would be an oversimplification. It would, of course, be wise for people who don’t know a subject at all to avoid talking about it, but should we tell a person to keep his opinions to himself simply because he doesn’t know everything about a subject? I don’t think so.

For one thing, nobody is perfect, nobody is all knowledgeable, nobody is completely free of error. Even when we do know something, we sometimes make an unintended mistake, and that shouldn’t stop us from sharing what we know. The other reason to let the person talk is that in doing so, he may reveal gaps in his knowledge which someone listening can fill in for him and help him increase his knowledge. That assumes that he is willing to listen to others and doesn’t just assume that others have nothing to tech them. Continue reading “Knowing Truth”


It Already Exists

“All possible worlds and creations already exist in the unified field, waiting to be called forth. For example, your soul holds the ideal destiny pattern for your life as a resonating spiritual field of consciousness-and-energy. Mental patterns with corresponding thoughts drop-down infrequency from that to create the mental field –— the mental body; then those patterns drop-down infrequency creating the emotional field—the emotional body; and on to the next lower field that closely models the physical form—the etheric (energy) body. Clairvoyance often see this electromagnetic energy body as a subtle body-double made of light, or etheric energy. This is also your aura, a personal field, or inner blueprint, and your physical body, life, and destiny coalesce out of it. The same process is true for any project, situation, or object you want to materialize and have.
“What you do while your physical being—the thoughts you think, choices you make, emotions you feel, actions you take—feedback into your system of resonating fields or bodies. Any contractions of consciousness-and-energy based on fearful thoughts and emotions can act as clutter and distort the flow.” ~Penney Peirce

I’m not certain that all possible worlds and creations already exist as Ms. Pierce says they do, however, her theory does make sense. When you consider that the spiritual is eternal and that everything physical is generated from the spiritual then it stands to reason that everything already exists on a spiritual level and it simply manifests at different times on the physical level.

Your soul does hold the ideal pattern for your life but this doesn’t mean very much if you haven’t bothered to awaken that soul. When we are born on the physical level our soul is in a dormant state and it must be awaken before it can be of any benefit to us or to God. So before you can be guided by your soul you have to awaken it and develop it. Continue reading “It Already Exists”

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Stages of Spiritual Growth

“Ruysbroeck’s universe, like that of Kabir and certain other great mystics, has three orders: Becoming, Being, God. Parallel with this, he distinguishes three great stages in the soul’s achievement of complete reality: the Active, the Interior, and the Superessential Life, sometimes symbolized by the conditions of servant, friend, and Son of God. These, however, must be regarded rather as divisions made for convenience of description, … The spiritual life has the true character of duration; it is one indivisible tendency and movement towards our source and home, in which the past is never left behind, but incorporated in the larger present.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Ms. Underhill is correct in saying that Ruysbroeck’s method of dividing spiritual growth into three stages is only an approximation. Spiritual growth happens in many small steps much like any other type of growth. But just as it is convenient in our public schools to divide students into various grades depending on how much they have learned or at least how much they have been taught, it is also convenient to divide the path of spiritual growth into stages.

The first stage of spiritual growth is of course, awakening the soul. This stage is preceded by certain preliminaries that are not really part of spiritual growth, but are necessary for it. These preliminary stages result in the recognition that the material life is not enough and we need something more. This may happen because the person suffers certain hardships such as an illness or death or a friend or financial ruin, but in other cases, is simply a realization that the pursuit of material goods is not satisfying something inside and no matter how much you accumulate material goods it never will be satisfied. Once a person reaches that stage, then his true spiritual journey begins. Continue reading “Stages of Spiritual Growth”