sleeping soul, Afterlife

“The All is SPIRIT! But what is Spirit? This question cannot be answered, for the reason that its definition is practically that of THE ALL which cannot be explained or defined. … Spirit transcends our understanding, and we use the term merely that we may think or speak of THE ALL. For the purposes of understanding, we are justified in thinking of Spirit as Infinite Living Mind, at the same time acknowledging that we cannot fully understand it. We must either do this or stop thinking of the matter at all.” ~The Three Initiates

We all use the word spirit, but do we really know what it is? Do we all understand it to mean the same thing? Probably not. I think most people define in in a negative way, namely that anything which is not matter must be spirit. That is a reasonable assumption, but it doesn’t really say what spirit is. If I wrote a fantasy novel and in it said, “Everything which is not ‘gorm’ is “flug’,” would you have any idea what flug is? Of course not. If we knew what gorm was, then we would know what flug isn’t, but we still don’t know what it is, and the same is true of Spirit.

The Three Initiates say that spirit is another way of saying THE ALL, or God, and is just as unknowable as God is. They then go on to say that we can think of spirit as “Infinite Living Mind” although, they admit, that is not totally accurate. God is spirit, but I’m not sure it is accurate to consider them one and the same. Spiritual students know that there are spiritual worlds, spiritual dimensions, created by God, but does that mean they are God? Some would say it does, but others disagree. In Cosolargy, we use the term “Consciousness” to describe what the Three initiates call “Infinite Living Mind” but that still doesn’t explain what it is.

The good news is that contrary to what is said in the quote, it is possible to know God and to know the worlds of spirit, just not on a brain/mind level. The human mind can only understand the material world. Anything beyond that level it must think of only in abstract terms and relate them to matter as that is what it knows. But we have a spiritual mind also called the Soul. Unfortunately, we come into the material world with out spirit and soul in a dormant state, a kind of coma. Few people ever bother to awaken the spirit and soul mostly because the conventional churches never bother to tell them to do so. But just as you cannot see with your nose or hear with your tongue, you cannot know the spiritual with the material mind. So if you want to know what spirit truly is, you must awaken those spiritual faculties and develop them with the aid of a spiritual teacher or spiritual school, and God Himself, of course. Once those faculties have been awakened, they can develop and learn and communicate directly with the spiritual worlds and the spiritual Beings of Light and we truly can know what spirit is.


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