“A man lights a fire knowing it will cook his food; it is not sometimes hot and at other times cold. He knows that day will follow night and that the hours of darkness are not one day long and the next day short. … Man looks about him and sees order not confusion, and he knows that where there is organization there must be an organizer.
“The ordinances of God are established for the benefit of man; were they not set in stability, man would be nothing but the plaything of chance and the victim of chaos. … The decrees of God are fulfilled at the appointed times, and the days of labor pass one into the other.” ~The Kolbrin Bible SCL:18:5-8

Can you imagine the chaos the world would be like to live in if fire sometimes heated, and sometimes froze? If cows sometimes gave milk and other times gave rum? If chickens occasionally laid turnips instead of eggs? You can laugh and say such things are impossible, but why are they impossible? They are impossible because the world is not random, it has rules, it has controls. Granted, such rules and controls are not perfect and there are occasional glitches, but we can safely rely on fire to produce heat as it does 99.99999% of the time. That makes it reasonable reliable. But if the world were random, as some continue to claim, fire would not produce heat 99.99999% of the time, or even 95% of the time. If the world were truly and completely random, it would produce heat no more than 1% of the time when you consider all the other possibilities. And in the rare case where something unexpected does happen, it can almost always be traced to an unexpected factor, like a fire turning cold due to a chemical added to it.

The material world is not a perfect world, so there are glitches, and there are some lays that are not good ones, such as we must kill and eat other beings to survive, but it does have rules and rules imply order, order implies intelligence, and intelligence implies an overseer of that intelligence which most people call God. In Cosolargy, as with the old Gnostic groups, we believe that the worlds of matter were not created by the true God, but by a lesser, yet still extremely powerful being called the Demiurge, who sets the rules for this level of existence. Only the spiritual worlds are the direct creation of God and so they are perfect, they do not glitch, they do not mutate.

So even though the material words are created by a lesser god, they are under intelligent control, even if it is an imperfect control. And if the lower levels created by a lesser god ave rules that govern it and control it and keep it from sinking into complete chaos, doesn’t it stand to reason that the higher levels created by the true God also have rules and that those rules are even more perfect? Of course it does. I think the whole idea of God and randomness are incompatible, unless you are talking of a realm where God has no control.

Here is where it gets tricky. Just as the federal government can override state laws with laws of its own, the laws that govern the lower levels of matter can be overthrown at any time by the true God. If He choose, gravity could cease to exist. If He wished it, fire could suddenly burn as cold as ice. If God decided it was best, he could make the Earth move faster and shorten the year to 222 days. Fortunately for us, He won’t do that. Satan might do such things, but God won’t. Instead of just abruptly canceling or reversing the rules that govern the material plane, He will change them gradually, over a period that may take hundreds of years to complete (nobody knows for sure how long) so that the changes will not kill us, but allow us to change. Some of us have started making that change by becoming more spiritual, by raising our vibration frequencies. We hope more of you will join us as the changes continue and help prepare all of humanity for the dawning Golden Age.


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