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I noticed several weeks ago that I had some readers in Russia and posted a greeting for them. I have also noticed that I get regular reads from some people in Germany so here is one for them:

haben Sie einen guten Tag


Heidelberg, Germany

I was in Germany (Heidelberg, to be specific) from 1976 to 1978. I liked visiting the old castles, going Volksmarching and, of course, the German beer.

I am glad that some wreckage from flight 370 is finally turning up. This may help in figuring out what really happened, or at least eliminate some of the wildest theories like it was carried off by a flying saucer or flew through a time barrier into another time. I can understand how some will continue to cling to the hope that relatives that were on that flight are alive somewhere, yet it does show how deeply we have sank into materialism and are overly concerned about the survival of the physical body, often to the detriment of our spirit.

CecilLionI am also glad that so many people have turned against the dentist who shot Cecil the lion. I am not buying his story that he relied on his guides to tell him if he was doing anything illegal. He referred to his hunting activities as “responsible and legal” in an early statement. A responsible hunter hires reputable guides and learns the laws and regulations of the place where he is hunting. Actually, a responsible “hunter” these days used a camera and leaves the guns at home. At least he won’t get the sick trophies he wanted. The head and skin of Cecil were confiscated by the Zimbabwe police. I think it is also a safe bet that this A-holes dental office will be permanently closed.

Flying cars are almost here!!!!!!! How many times have we heard that in the past forty years? Maybe it will actually happen this time.

I am definitely not a gun nut. I don’t own a gun and never will. Nonetheless, my sympathies are entirely with the father who shot down a drone that was apparently spying on is daughter while she sunbathed on private property.  I also think they should hire sharpshooters to shoot down the drones that are creating hazards by flying around airports and forest fires putting helicopters and landing planes in danger.

As usual, we’re hearing a lot of the “Vote for me because the other guy is an ass,” style of political campaigning. This method absolutely does not work on me.  Maybe the other guy is an ass, but you may be a bigger one. I want a candidate to tell me what he or she will do to fix problems or deal with certain situations when they happen. In short, I would like a little more substance in a presidential election than in a beauty contest where they ask the contestants what they would do to for world peace and get answers like: “I would get everyone good designer jeans so they would not be jealous of others who, have designer jeans.”

I haven’t been posting a Random Comments article every week because I’ve decided that seven posts a week is too much and the random thoughts seem to be the least read. If you disagree with that, let me know by commenting. I assure you, I do not spam commenters.

I am not a fan of Planned Parenthood, but I am far less a fan of opponents who use trick questions and clever editing to create false impressions of what they do. That kind of trickery only makes the other side look good in my eyes.


This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood which units us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” ~Chief Seattle


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