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“The forces at work in the world are both destructive and constructive; the destiny of manifest beings is birth and death. The seer is to behold the working of these forces and the march of destiny. The veil enshrouding the spiritual eyes in ordinary life is to be removed. But man is interwoven with these forces and with this destiny. His own nature harbors destructive and constructive forces. … He must not lose strength in the face of this self-knowledge; but strength will fail him unless he brings a surplus on which to draw. … He must learn to maintain inner calm and steadiness in the face of difficult circumstances; he must cultivate a strong trust in the beneficent powers of existence. … He will have to recognize that previously he thought and acted in a certain way only because he was still in the throes of ignorance.” ~Rudolf Steiner

There are indeed both constructive and destructive forces at work in the world, and it will remain so as long as the world exists in a material form. You might say that the world of matter is a field of tension between these forces and both forces must exist in order for that field of tension to exist. In order for there to be something hot, there must also be something cold. In order for attraction to exist, there must also be a force of repulsion. In order for the positive to exist, there must also be a negative force to create the flow of energy.

There are those who would deny this, or at least deny that this is how it must be. They think that by practicing positive thinking, they can make all the negative cease to exist. They think if they practice peace enough, all violence will eventually disappear. They believe they can think wars away and they will go away. But when you try to solve a problem using the very thing that creates it, you will not succeed.

The only way to truly and permanently change the world and the people in it is to change it’s very nature. As long as Earth is a material planet in a material universe, it must exist as tension between those forces, so the solution should be obvious: matter must go! That doesn’t mean, as some have assumed, that the worlds of matter must be destroyed, it means that they must be transformed into worlds of spirit.

The very nature of spirit is so vastly different from matter that many find it impossible to even imagine such a thing, yet it truly exists and always will. In the world of spirits, there are no opposites. There is no hot or cold, no fast or slow, no male or female, no death and no disease. Unlike the realm of matter, spiritual levels are not layers of tension between two forces, so only one force needs to exist within them, that force/being called God.

So if we truly want to fix our world of duality, our world of love and hate, peace and violence, birth and death, there is only one way to do so. Just wishing away the negative doesn’t work. We have to transform the worlds of matter back into spirit since only spirit is without those dueling forces. The good news is that among the forces that exist on this plane is one that aids us in rising above it. Of course, there is also the force that seeks to pull us even further down. We have to choose which force to work with, which force to embrace, and which to avoid as much as possible.


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