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Disciple: But is it not for me to attain, if I can, both the Light of God, and the Light of the outward Nature too, and to make use of them both for the ordering of my life wisely and prudently?
Master: It is Right so to do. And it is indeed a treasure above all earthly treasures to be possessed of the Light of God and Nature operating in their spheres, and to have both the Eye of Time and Eternity at once open together, and yet not to interfere with each other.
Disciple: This is a great satisfaction to me to hear; having been very uneasy about it for some time. But how can this be without interfering with each other, there is the difficulty?
Master: … It will be necessary, my child, in the first place to wait for and attend the Supernatural and Divine Light, as this superior Light appointed to govern the day, rising in the true East, which is the center of Paradise, and the Great Light breaking forth as out of the darkness within thee …
Wherefore seek the Fountain of Light, waiting in the deep ground of thy soul for the rising there of the Sun of Righteousness, whereby the Light of Nature in thee, with the properties thereof, will be made to shine seven times brighter than ordinary.” ~Jakob Bohme

Some believe that in order to seek the Divine Light, the Light of God, the light of the Sun of Righteousness, one must divorce herself completely from the material world, material goods, and even the light of the spiritual sun. This is not true and is foolish to even attempt when one is not ready. Besides, it is virtually impossible to get the light of the spiritual sun without also getting light from the natural sun, the sun of matter. The highly developed spiritual people called the Essenes still ate physical food at least once a month and Jesus didn’t fast forever, just forty days. They knew that one could not completely give up the natural as long as one had a material body, but they avoided becoming attached to the physical.

It is a matter of emphasis. By placing the emphasis on spiritual development and on taking in that Divine Light, one does not have to be overly concerned that he is also exposed to the physical light and to the world of matter. The world of matter cannot be avoided as long as we have physical bodies, but we can keep it to a minimum and subordinate to the spiritual.

Sadly, there are cases where spiritual students, even fairly advanced ones, fall for the delights of the physical and the trickery of the demons that serve the world of matter. They think they are being spiritual, but very gradually sink back into serving the dark gods of matter instead until they either wake up to what is happening and correct it or fall completely and give up the spiritual. So even the best spiritual students need to be on guard and watch for such things as:

  • slowly switching from eating for nourishment to eating for enjoyment
  • excessive or increasing consumption of alcohol
  • becoming too attached to physical objects such as a car or a house
  • and most of all, skipping spiritual activities to do something material.

When that starts to happen, the student must make changes to avoid falling and talk to his spiritual teacher or adviser.

Some might get confused by Bohme saying that the superior Sun rises in the East, but you must note that he says “true East, which is the center of Paradise”. He is not talking here about the East of Earth, but of Heaven. It is true that, just as the physical sun on Earth rises in the East, so does the spiritual, in a sense, because the spirit of a thing is, in a way, attached to the material side of it. But remember that a spirit has no end and no beginning and that refers not just to time, but also to space. A spirit is not limited to any particular time, nor to any particular space, so the Sun of Righteousness is really everywhere.


One thought on “Seek Divine Light as Well as Material Light

  1. Michael Hammett says:

    The last item on your list of things to be wary of – skipping spiritual activities to do material ones – is perhaps the hardest for those of us in a relationship with someone who does not share our spiritual goals. The expectations of spouse and family can, in my experience, conflict with our desire to spend time in spiritual growth and enlightenment. This was an enlightening post. Thank you.

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