“If a man would know heaven, he must first know Earth. Man cannot understand heaven until he understands Earth. He cannot understand God until he understand himself, and he cannot know love unless he has been loveless. God is unknown, but not unknowable. He is unseen, but not unseeable. God is unheard, but not unhearable. He is not understood, but He is understandable.
“The goal of life is upstream, not downstream. Man must struggle against the current, not drift with the flow. … He who worships with empty rituals wastes his time and displays the shallowness of his thought. … There is work to be done in the Garden of God; therefore, cease useless performances and word-wasting discussions; go, pick up the hoe and tackle the task at hand.” ~ The Kolbrin Bible

Blue abstract illustration with spiral, clouds and a man standing in the light

Blue abstract illustration with spiral, clouds and a man standing in the light

Before we can know heaven, we must first know ourselves and our Earth. That may not be entirely true, for in learning about the Earth, we learn a little about Heaven, and in learning the true nature of Heaven, we gain some knowledge of ourselves and the Earth, but the point is a valid one. I would say that we need to recognize that the world around us is one of illusion and distortion before we can hope to know heaven. We must recognize that the material plane is an offshoot of the spiritual and cannot exist without it. When we “know the Earth” in the sense of realizing that it is a distorted offshoot of spirit, than we are in a better state to began seeking spiritual enlightenment and are more motivated to do so.

I also don’t thing we need to completely understand ourselves before we can understand God, but we do need to understand to a much greater degree than the typically lost materialist who believes his physical body and brain/mind is the one and only true him. The other side of the coin is that when, through spiritual practices, we gain true knowledge of God, such knowledge helps us understand more about ourselves and our true nature. So one we truly know God, we truly know ourselves as well, not that we are God, but we come from God, so in knowing Him, we know ourselves. But remember that God is the father/mother of our spirits and souls, not our physical bodies.

We are told that God is unknown, not heard, not seen, not understood, but those things can all be corrected. The fact that we can’t see Him doesn’t mean that we can’t learn to do so. The fact that we can’t, as the allegorical Adam and Eve did, hear Him speak directly to us, doesn’t mean that can’t be changed. But God is spirit and we will never see Him with our eyes of matter or hear Him with our ears of matter. To know God, we must awaken our spiritual faculties for only they can “see” or “hear” God.

This chapter of the Kolbrin Bible tells us that our goal is to swim upstream, not down. What does that mean? This is not about riding in a boat, but about the path we take in life. But what is up and what is down in this context? Upstream is anything which moves us closer to God and the spiritual worlds and dimensions, downstream is anything that makes us more deeply embedded in the muck and mire of materialism. It is also literal in a way, though, because moving toward God means raising our frequencies, or vibrations, closer to His and closer to those of His Angels while lowering our frequencies, as is promoted in some popular schools of meditation, only moves us away from God and closer to the densest parts of the world of matter, and that is not a pleasant place to go, although it may seem otherwise.

Finally we are told that worshiping God with empty ritual is a waste of time. We are told that instead we should take up a hoe and start working. By that is meant that the proper way to worship God is not through empty ceremonies—though occasional ceremonies may serve a useful purpose—but by doing God’s Work, by working toward the completion of God’s Great Plan. And what is that Plan? The Plan is to first change ourselves from primarily material beings into primarily spiritual ones, and then to change, with God’s help, the very planet we live on back into a world of Light, a world of Spirit.


2 thoughts on “Know Yourself Before You Can Know God

  1. Michael Hammett says:

    Thank you. This was my introduction to the Kolbrin Bible.

    1. Harold Boulette says:

      It tends to be ignored because of it’s association with UFO and alien cults, but it has a lot of good spiritual advice in it if interpreted correctly.

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