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“The forces of the Cosmos tend to maintain equilibrium compensating each other, nevertheless, at irregular intervals, conditions which require compensation, and these give rise to varying degrees of irregularity to the movement of Great Entities, and hence to the presence of positive evil, sin and disease within their spheres.
“The Cosmos itself has to strive to attain adjustment at the commencement of each phase of its evolution, and the irregularities which occur before adjustment is effected. … Cosmic evil is a limitation, an opposition, and is the prime condition of manifestation. For without limitation, finiteness, there can be no manifestation, and without death or discarding of the outworn, there can be no progress. These elements then of Cosmic opposition are always present in a manifested universe.” ~Dion Fortune

The forces of the material universe need to maintain a balance or the whole thing may fall apart like a house of cards caught in a sudden gust of wind. But maintaining the equilibrium continuously is a difficult, and possibly impossible, job. Things do get out of balance in areas and may seem to say that way fro quite a while to us humans, but to Nature, correcting such difficulties in twenty, thirty, even fifty years is like the blink of an eye. It may seem to us that things are regularly out of balance, but such imbalances do get corrected over time.

When the population of deer, for example, gets to be too much in an area, nature will step in and cause some disease to kill off many of the deer, or a forest fire will kill some and drive others to new locations. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. Unfortunately, we have decided in many cases that it is up to us to intervene and get things back into balance. The problem with that is our idea of a balanced environment is very different from that of nature. To many of us, a “balanced” environment is people, people everywhere and all other species keep out of our way. That isn’t balance at all and Nature is now fighting back at that attitude. That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t act responsibly with regard to the environment, but in trying to correct the problems we have to remember that the environment doesn’t exist solely for the convenience and pleasure of man.

One might ask why such imbalances exist at all. Ms. Fortune answers that question. She tells us that in order for anything to manifest in a manifested world, it must create an imbalance to do so. In other words, in order fro something to “fall” from the perfect balance of spirit into the imbalanced world of matter, it must become imbalanced. There we have the catch-22 of the physical world: the world needs equilibrium of forces in order to end death, disease, wars, and other negativities; but we create inequality in order to manifest on a material level.

The ultimate solution do this catch-22 should be obvious. Instead of running around on a material level putting a bandage here and another there, we need to move away from the material entirely. We need to awaken and grow our spiritual faculties and aid God in the ongoing process (now that we are in the End Times) to convert this world back to it’s original spiritual state as a world of Light. Only that can stop the sin, death, disease, war, violence, etc. And, of course, only awakening and developing our spiritual side can get us ultimately back to Heaven.


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