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“Imagine that you could shift your perception a hair to the left or right and the world of form would dissolve into a world of light and energy. You’d be walking around encountering varying densities of energy and levels of light that you would recognize as your car, or a happy person, or a sick dog, or rain. You’d be walking on energy a little denser than you, which you’s recognize as ground, through a porous energy you’d know as air. You’d feel the waves of an upcoming meeting or event long before you became involved in it. If you placed attention on an idea, it would dance and develop and interact with you, right in front of you, like an animated cartoon becoming real. … If you can imagine this reality, you’re on your way to activating the next Intuition Age attention skill: practicing unified field attention.” ~Penney Peirce

The shift in perception described by Ms. Peirce shouldn’t require using our imagination since what she is asking us to do is see reality, but for most of us, it does. We can’t see the world in the way she describes without using our imagination, even though what she describes in the quoted section is not imaginary at all, but the reality that hides under the outer layer of illusion.

Occasionally, a person does develop the ability to see the world as it really is, and what happens to such people varies widely. Fortunately for Francis of Assisi, when he become spiritually awakened while watching a sunrise from his sickbed and started seeing things differently, I think that what he saw is something close to what Peirce describes. As a result, he started referring to all life forms, and even those things science considers non-living, as his brothers and sisters. Francis went on to become a saint, a real saint who saved souls, not just fixed physical problems. He was born in a good time and place for what happened to him. In more recent times, people who develop this vision are likely to be locked up as insane. They may even believe they have gone insane because the reality they now see is so different from the great illusion they have been told many times over is the true reality.

It is unfortunate that so many people who consider themselves scientifically oriented and wishing to believe what the scientists say largely ignore the science of Quantum Physics which has revealed in recent decades that the strange world described by Peirce and experienced by St. Francis and some other prophets and mystics, is very much a scientific reality. They use the word “hologram” to describe this world of energy and light where form is something vague and indefinite until the thing is “observed”. It is one of the oldest and most accepted theories of Quantum Physics that it is nearly impossible to study things as they actually are because observation changes the thing being observed. This concept is often demonstrated with the tale of Schrodinger’s Cat in which the cat in the box unobserved is said to be both dead and alive simultaneously and resolves into one state or the other when the box is opened and the cat observed. This is not to say that Quantum Physics has all the answers, because they don’t. Like other sciences, they tend to look at the physical universe as if it is all that exists and ignore other levels of reality, the spiritual levels.

Pierce than hints at something a little different when she says that, “You’d feel the waves of an upcoming meeting or event long before you became involved in it.” Here she is hinting that seeing the world in this way may allow us to see into the future, at least a little. Actually, we all see into the future at times, even though we are not aware of it and may not believe it is possible. If you are walking down a quiet road at night, you can predict that a car is coming toward you by seeing the headlights in front of you getting bigger and brighter. Ms. Pierce is saying that when we see the world on the level of Light and Energy, we will observe those subtle changes in energy flow that can result in changes in the physical forms at a later time. At first, this may only let us see events a few seconds before they manifest, but often that is enough, and we might stretch that out with greater development and practice.

I haven’t proven yet that it works, but a book I am reading about communicating with animals instructs the reader to mentally ask your pet a question and then imagine that you are hearing the animal reply. By practicing this, you will eventually start really hearing what your pet is thinking, that’s the theory anyway. Pierce is asking us to do something similar with our perception of the physical world around us. By imagining it to be a world of light and energy with no definite forms, our imaginary view may, over time, be replaced with the reality of it. You can start in small ways by trig to see the auras or energy fields around people, animals and plants, and move on from there.


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