Relationships Matter

“Ought we not to consider first whether that which we wish to learn and to teach is a simple or multiform thing, and if simple, then to inquire what power it has of acting or being acted upon in relation to other things, and if multiform, then to number the forms; and see first in the case of one of them, and then in the case of all of them, what is the power of acting or being acted upon which makes each and all of them be what they are?” ~Socrates

In other words, you can’t know a thing without studying its relationships with other things. A chunk of granite may seem like something insignificant when looked at as a stand-alone object, but when it is the cornerstone of a great temple, the relationship it has with the other rocks that make up the temple, and the relationships the temple has with the people who built it and who visit it, and the relationships those people have with others in the world all contribute to what that rock truly is. Suddenly, it is not so insignificant.

A shiny, yellow rock is of little importance until the gold is extracted from it, melted down, and made into a ring for a king. Suddenly, that little yellow rock has become significant because of the relationships it has. A king is killed to get the ring from him by a rival. A king from another kingdom starts a war thinking that, after seeing the ring, this little kingdom must have a lot of gold. And on it goes. Continue reading “Relationships Matter”

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Merging Worlds of Spirit and Matter

“we’re at the ‘turn’ of a flow; involution has turned to immersion, and is now turning to evolution. You are remembering your identity as a soul—as pure consciousness-and-energy—and this is not just for a few people; it’s a planetary process. The higher spiritual frequencies are saturating matter, and the inner and outer realities are matching each other in vibration and merging. The more you realize there is no separation between the worlds, the faster your transformation and evolution can be. … As the worlds merge and integrate, it becomes easier for you to see the light (or consciousness) in matter and feel energy information via vibration. When you perceive the consciousness-and-energy world, you experience openness …” ~Penney Peirce

The world is indeed changing all around us, and these changes are affecting all of us, though few are consciously aware of it. Ms. Peirce says the “spiritual frequencies are saturating matter” which is true, in a way, but she makes it sound as if something foreign was entering matter and mixing with it, like mixing white paint with black to get gray. While that is happening to some degree, more significantly is that the matter itself is changing. As it is bombarded with more and more high frequency spiritual energy, the matter will itself start vibrating at higher frequencies with the result that mixing the “white” of spirit with the “black” or matter will eventually result in pure, white spirit, not gray.

Peirce than says that the sooner we realize that the separation between the worlds of spirit and matter doesn’t exist, the faster you can transform and evolve (true evolution rather than sinking further into matter) and again she is correct, but it is perhaps an oversimplification. The separation between spirit and matter is often called “the veil”. It is not called the wall or the barrier, but the veil. A veil may e heavy, but usually isn’t and can easily be pushed aside without much effort, but some effort must be made. Still, you must believe that the veil can be removed, and is, in fact, growing thinner and will soon dissolve entirely if you want to be one of those aiding the process. Remember that when the apostles asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come, He informed them that is was already there, all around them, they simply had to realize it. By Kingdom of God, they were talking about the spiritual worlds and it dis already exist and was all around them, but they dis not see it anymore than the vast majority of people today see it, though we are starting to sense it in a vague way, and maybe getting very brief glimpses into it as they grow closer together and the veil gets thinner, allegorically speaking. Continue reading “Merging Worlds of Spirit and Matter”

Building of many stones

A Hierarchical Universe

“The Great Entity gathered about itself atoms of each Cosmic plane, out of which it formed its body. These atoms themselves are entities, though of a lesser degree of development than the Great Entity of which they form a part. … Each atom, having realized itself, has created a concept of itself. …
“Now the consciousness of a Great Entity is not aware of the individual reactions of its atoms, any more than the consciousness of the cells composing its body. Therefore, when it seeks to conceive an image of itself, it has to take the reactions of the different types of atoms in their respective aggregates. … The first act of creation proceeds from the body of God and is but a mass of unorganized units. … These units, having no organization, and therefore no relations among themselves, could not attain to objective consciousness, but as soon as the concept of the Great Entity, based upon its Cosmic experiences, became projected, it organized them into relationships, and they then became conscious of each other—became affected by each other.” ~Dion Fortune

Some of the details of the quoted section are hard to follow, but I think the primary concept of it is that the total universe, from the highest level of pure spirit to the lowest level of pure matter, is a hierarchical construct. The top level is, of course, God. It is unclear to me when I read this section of Fortune’s book if she is using “the Great Entity” as another name for God, or if this is instead His first creation which we call Christ, but it really doesn’t matter that much.

When Fortune says that the Great Entity formed its body from cosmic atoms we need to realize that she is not talking about what we call atoms. These “atoms” are of a much higher level and are spiritual, not material. You could think of them as more like forces, powers, or bundles of energy than like the atoms of matter.

She then tells us that each “atom” is an entity unto itself, even though it remains a part of God or the Great Entity. This idea is foreign to the thinking of most of us because we forget, or never knew, that there are many living beings that are a part of our own physical bodies, yet have an independent “self” as well. It is much the same as the sense that we are all individuals, yet, in a very real sense that few of us truly recognize, we are also cells in the body of a single entity called humanity. Continue reading “A Hierarchical Universe”

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There is No Jealousy in The Light

“There is no envy or jealousy among the members of the body; for in love they give ear unto Him, with tenderness they are visited by Him. … That light should be darkened it is not meet, that salt should lose its savor it is not right; defilement for the head is not seemly, nor yet foulness for the mirror. Nor if medicines have lost their savor sicknesses also are not cured; and if so be the torch is quenched, the stumbling also are many. The light shall chase away our darkness. Blessed be he who hath made Thee our lamp!” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

There is no envy or jealousy among truly spiritual people because they understand better than most that it takes many different people to keep the world going. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the machine fails just as much if a tiny gear breaks as it does when a major part breaks. The spiritual person sees everyone as a part of the whole and so would not be jealous of another for his position or, conversely, think less of a person who does a simple, menial task. The king won’t sit so comfortably on the throne if the trash collectors stop doing their job.

Another reason spiritual people are not envious of others is that they are far more concerned with spiritual matters than with material ones. Of course there may be some jealousy in less advanced students who see the more advance spiritual persons in somewhat the same way that a materialist sees Warren Buffett or Donald Trump. They may not stop to realize that as some period in time, that high level person was on the same level they are on, and even lower, so the only real difference is one of time, and time is largely an illusion. The more advanced spiritual adept does realize this and is neither jealous of those above or disdain of those on a lower level. The advanced adept also understands that we all advance at our own speed and is also not jealous of the one who advances more quickly, nor critical of the one advancing slowly. Continue reading “There is No Jealousy in The Light”