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The parents scoff at speed limits and run stop signs with the kids in the car. They allow them to have a drink or two at age fourteen or fifteen. They cheat on their taxes. They park illegally. And then they wonder what went wrong when those kids grow up to be criminals.


In this highly intelligent and knowledgeable world we live in, we heard this week a politician in California blame the drought on abortion, and in Malasia, a small group of people caught sunbathing in the nude was blamed for an earthquake. Actually, I do think human thoughts and behavior affect nature, but if anything is going to cause negative events like droughts, floods, and earthquakes, it’s the haters and bigots.


OK NRA, let’s hear your weird spin machine go to work on the study that shows that strict gun laws in Connecticut have resulted in a large drop in homicides.


A lot in the news about a white woman pretending to be black. While it is certainly a strange case, one needs to recognize that, like most of us, this woman has a mixed racial background and if she chooses to identify as black, that is her choice and is no worse than those who identify as Native American when they are only one quarter, or even one eighth Native American. I’ve actually had someone complain to me that I don’t say I’m French because I have a French last name. He wasn’t even convinced when I pointed out to him that I am one eighth French and one half Lithuanian so if I am going to identify with some European country, it would be Lithuania. Actually, though, I think of myself as just American and leave it at that.


One way to solve a problem: The Pacific Island nation of Palau is fed up with fishing boats from other countries fishing illegally in their waters so they came down hard on the poachers this week setting fire to four Vietnamese fishing boats in their waters.


I cease not from my great task
To open the Eternal Worlds, to open the
Immortal Eye
Of man inwards into the Realms of Thought,
into eternity
Ever expanding in the Bosom of God, the
Human Imagination
.” ~William Blake

If you have never read Blake’s poetry, I strongly encourage you to do so.


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