“It is certain that the abnormal and highly sensitized type of mind which we call mystical does frequently, but not always, produce or accompany strange and inexplicable modifications of the physical organism with which it is linked. … We know, as a historical fact, … that both St. Catherine of Siena and her namesake St. Catherine of Genoa, … live, in the first case for years, in the second for repeated periods of many weeks, without other food than the consecrated Host which they received at Holy Communion. … Whilst fasting, they were well and active, capable of dealing with the innumerable responsibilities which filled their lives. … This and other marked physical peculiarities which accompany the mystical temperament belong as yet to the unsolved problems of humanity.” ~Evelyn Underhill

HopeIt is a true fact that students of mysticism and real spirituality see physical changes in their bodies as well as changes in their thinking and emotions. A common one that Underhill didn’t mention is that the eye color of the student often changes as she progresses in her spiritual awakening, especially if the person was born with brown eyes. The eye color will often change to blue, green, or blue-gray. If you think that is impossible, let me inform you that certain eye drops used to treat glaucoma have a warning on the label that using the product could cause the eye color to change to brown if the current color is something else. If drugs and chemicals can do it, so can mystical and spiritual practices which, if done properly, change the energy frequencies and energy flow in the body.

Underhill concentrates, however, on one particular aspect of this changing physiology: the ability to dramatically reduce what and how much we eat. She gives two fairly well known examples, but there are many others. The Essenes were well known for going for weeks without food, then having a simple meal after sunset of bread and wine (as in the Last Supper). But this is not limited to the distant past. Even today, there are people who do this. But it is not a matter of denial, they simply have little need for physical food when their spirit and soul are properly “nourished” with God’s Light. When the spirit and soul are starving, however, the body becomes denser and needs more physical food to survive.

The modern science of Quantum Physics has revealed that the physical universe is nothing more than a very complex matrix of beams of light, a very detailed hologram. Some of them have gone out on a limb and said that this explains how such mystics could live on very little physical food. Their explanation is that the mystic can simply materialize food in their stomach by manipulating those light beams. On that, they are wrong. There is no need for the mystic to materialize food. The mystic, recognizes that his physical body is just light, feeds it directly on light, sun light to be specific. The true mystic goes beyond that. In addition to feeding his body on the light of the physical sun, he feeds his spirit on the light of the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. By feeding all parts of his being on light, the mystic frees himself from the enslavement of those who control the food supply, and frees himself from the law that says those who kill must die. S the mystic is not killing when he consumes both types of light, he need not die for it. Of course, the mystic does have to eat occasionally so his physical body must die, but as we develop and become more spiritual, the need for physical food will continue to be reduced for those feeding on Light and changing physically and spiritually.


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