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Random Thoughts 6-21-2015

I can’t believe that Dylann Roof grew up in an environment of racial acceptance and became a white supremacist all on his own. I think a close look at his family will show a good bit of racism there, even if not of a violent type. Things like being told the reason he couldn’t find a job was because the blacks were getting all the good jobs, it had nothing to do with his own lack of education, drive, or ambition.


Wow! Not only did the Pope encourage people to do there best to stop global warming, but also to make an effort to help the poor. The right-wingers must be going nuts.


For those who use a GPS App, you can now get one that speaks with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator voice. I think I’ll stick with the pleasant female one, thanks.


I’m glad to hear that Americans are kicking the diet junk food habit and turning to eating healthy real foods, often organic, instead. That is exactly what I emphasize in my latest book.

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The Divine Light of Knowledge

“Because there belongs a divine Light to the Knowledge and Apprehension of this, and that without the divine Light there is no Comprehensibility at all of the divine Essence, therefore I will a little represent this high hidden secret in a creaturely manner, that thereby the reader may come into the depth. For the divine Essence cannot be wholly expressed by the Tongue; the Spiraculum Vitae (that is, the Spirit of the Soul which looks into the Light) only comprehends it…. The Soul which has its original out of God’s first Principle, and was breathed from God into Man. … And this is not marvelous, for it does but behold itself only in the Rising of its Birth; and thus it sees the Whole Depth of the Father in the first Principle.” ~Jacob Boehme

SpiritMan2JWhen we look up into the daytime sky and see the glowing orb of the sun, we are likely to accept without thinking about it that we are seeing all of it. In fact, what we see of the sun is just a small part of what is there. The sun is giving off energy of many frequencies, but our eyes only see a very small range of those frequencies. The rest are invisible to us, though we are still affected by them. We can’t see infrared, but it warms us. We can’t see ultraviolet, yet it can cause a sun tan or sunburn, depending on various factors that we won’t get into now. And that is just dealing with the physical sun, beyond which is the even more hidden spiritual sun.

That Divine Light Boehme talks about (as do many other great spiritual teachers and prophets) is that great Light that comes from God and reaches us primarily through the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. It was that Light which Boehme say reflected off a shiny pewter bowl. It was that Light that “awakened” St. Francis of Assisi while he observed a sunrise from his bed. It is the Light that mystics and Gnostics turned to for ages for enlightenment and to nourish the soul. Continue reading “The Divine Light of Knowledge”


Practical Mysticism

“We begin, therefore, to see that the task of union with Reality will involve certain stages of preparation as well as stages of attainment; and these stages of preparation—for some disinterested souls easy and rapid, for others long and full of pain—may be grouped under two heads. First, the disciplining and simplifying of the attention, which is the essence of Recollection. Next, the disciplining and simplifying of the affections and will, the orientation of the heart, which is sometimes called by the formidable name of Purgation. So the practical mysticism of the plain man will best be grasped by him as a five-fold scheme of training and growth: in which the first two stages prepare the self for union with Reality, and the last three unite it successively with the World of Becoming.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Blue abstract illustration with spiral, clouds and a man standing in the light

Blue abstract illustration with spiral, clouds and a man standing in the light

The first part of preparation is, naturally, to recognize that we are not dealing with reality, that the world we see when we look around us is “real” in a sense, but is basically illusion, much like a magician’s props are real, but what they seem to do is illusion. Once we realize that, we can start to seek out what is real. Part of the preparation in practical mysticism is to become detached from the world of matter. This is not that hard once you truly accept that it is illusion, nut it’s not terribly easy either, especially when you are trapped among people who worship the illusion as the ultimate reality and worship those who are the most successful at getting us hooked on illusion (celebrities, professional athletes).

The stages that unite us with the One, with Reality, with God, or whatever you choose to call It, begin with recognizing that you have spiritual faculties as well as material ones, and you need to waken those spiritual faculties which are usually dormant in the world of matter. We awaken those faculties, the spirit and soul, by, in essence, feeding them. But the spirit and soul don’t eat bread, or cupcakes, or even organic vegetables, they are spiritual after all. The spiritual faculties need spiritual food and that food is the Light of the spiritual sun. It can also be called God’s Light since He is the original source, but it is sent to us through the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. So one of the most important teaching of a legitimate spiritual school is to show us how to take in that Light through the eyes, while keeping the intake of material light to a minimum (otherwise, it will turn us into materialists). Continue reading “Practical Mysticism”


The One Path

“There is but one road to the Path; at its very end alone the “Voice of the Silence” can be heard. The ladder by which the candidate ascends id formed of rungs of suffering and pain; these can be silenced only by the voice of virtue. Woe, then, to thee, Disciple. If there is one single vice thou hast not left behind. For then the ladder will give way and overthrow thee; … and ere thou canst attempt to cross this wide abyss of matter thou hast to lave they feet in Waters of Renunciation. … Woe unto him who dares pollute one rung with miry feet. The foul and viscous mud will dry, become tenacious, then glue his feet unto the spot, and like the bird caught in the wily fowler’s lime, he will be stayed from further progress. … Kill thy desires, Lanoo, make thy vices impotent, ere the fist step is taken on the solemn journey.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Stairway to heavenI’m never sure if I should laugh or cry when I hear these phony spiritual teachers or groups say something like, “We must all follow our own path to heaven.” If someone at a fork in a road with several possible ways to go asked for directions to a particular place, he would likely not appreciate such nonsense as, “We must all choose our own path,” so why does anyone think that is an acceptable answer for a spiritual teacher to give to a student? What would you think of a college professor who told you on the first day of class, “You need to read a text book for this class, I don’t care which one, just go to the campus book store, close your eyes and grab one at random.”  I certainly would not want to be in that class.

Granted, one can get from Boston to Washington, DC by flying to Miami, taking a cruise ship to the Bahamas, then flying to Cuba, then to Los Angeles, then to Quebec, then to Washington (Phew!). But wouldn’t it be a lot smarter to get a direct flight? There may truthfully be many winding, meandering paths one could follow that will eventually, purely by accident, lead to spiritual enlightenment, but wouldn’t the direct path be a better choice? Continue reading “The One Path”