“Those whose names he knew first were called last, so that the one who has knowledge is one whose name the father has pronounced. For one whose name has not been spoken is ignorant. Indeed, how shall one hear if a name has not been uttered? For whoever remains ignorant until the end is a creature of forgetfulness and will perish with it. … Whoever has knowledge is from above. If called, that person hears, replies, and turns toward him who called. That person ascends to him and knows how he is called. Having knowledge, that person does the will of him who called.” ~The Gospel of Truth

Paper Freedom, Origami abstract vector illustration.This passage is easily misunderstood. It sounds as if God gives one knowledge simply by speaking that person’s name, and if He fails to do so, you are lost forever. That is, of course, an incorrect interpretation.

When the author refers to God calling your name, it means simply that God calls to you, or, to put it another way, you are drawn to God and to the spiritual. It means you shun materialism and the will of man and instead listen to the will of God. God knows the “name” of such individuals, but it is not the name your material parents gave you at the birth of your temporary physical body, but the name your eternal spirit had long before.

The person who’s name is not spoken is ignorant, not because his name was not spoken. It is the other way around. The person who chooses to stay ignorant is not serving God, not part of His Divine Plan, and therefore not to be remembered, not to be named.

But what knowledge is this gospel talking about? Knowledge of how to grow carrots and potatoes? Knowledge of how to make swords and guns? The knowledge of good and evil that got Adam and Eve rejected fro the garden? No, of course not. The Knowledge that saves a person, that makes him one of the truly “chosen”, is the Knowledge of the spiritual worlds, the knowledge of the angels and other Beings of Light, the Knowledge of absolute truth and reality, the Knowledge of God and His Great Plan, the Knowledge that the Gnostics called Gnosis.

This is the Knowledge that sets one free. Free from materialism. Free from falsehood. Free from the great illusion, the veil thrown over us by the fallen angels. Free from struggling to survive. Free from the egoic insistence that one must constantly be trying to prove in one way or another that he is better than others. Free from the control of the wealthy and powerful. This Knowledge is the only true freedom and the only true Knowledge. The knowledge of the material world, knowledge of illusion and falsehood, is not really knowledge at all. Sadly, most academics can’t comprehend the difference between this false knowledge and true Knowledge, but their time is coming to an end.


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