“Away from my eyes, O Hideous One. Slink back into the dark shadows about the black sunless abode, where dwell the self-distorted souls of the Fearsomely Formed Ones. Back to your murky haven of compatibility. Away, out of sight, for your repulsiveness brings back into my heart the thoughts of evils and temptations I have encountered and overcome, … Away, back to your own kind. … Back to the place with which you have pitiful affinity, back to your own dark, compatible companions.
“The Guardians of the Hidden Gates repel you lest you befoul the pathways of the Glorious Ones, who once struggled to find beauty and cleanliness. The light of this place is ever spreading, and soon a Glorious One may walk where you now slink in the gloom. … O Fallen One, who once walked Earth so proudly in self-esteem, selfishness and arrogance, go back; … O Wriggler in the Slime, back from the purifying flame, what can it avail you now? … O Squirming One, turned back are you. …” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL 7:14)

devil1JOr, As Jesus put it more simply, “Get thee behind me, Satan”. The speaker, whoever he is in this chapter of the Kolbrin Bible, is clearly talking to a devil or demon, a fallen one. His opinion of such creatures is not kind, to say the least. Hideous, dark, slimy, squirming and other similar epithets are used to describe this being. The speaker is clearly no friend of the dark dudes and wants him to leave ASAP.

Why he wants so much for this dark being to leave him alone is found in the statement, “your repulsiveness brings back into my heart the thoughts of evils and temptation I have encountered and overcome.” So he is concerned that this demon will use his tricks to get him to give in to temptations and do evil deeds, so he wants him to leave. Of course, it is easier to avoid temptation if you can send the tempter away, but they probably won’t listen when you tell them to leave, so you really need to develop the strength to just say “No”.

The devil is then informed that the “Guardians of the Hidden Gates” repel him so he cannot foul the path of the “Glorious Ones”. The guardians are the angels and Beings of Light that guide us toward enlightenment and try to keep the demons and devils from getting in our way when we do seek to grow spiritually. The demon is the informed that the “light is ever spreading,” meaning that the darkness of the Earth is slowly growing brighter, in other word, the dense matter is slowly changing frequency and moving towards the spiritual again.

The sentence, “O Fallen One, who one walked Earth so proudly in self-esteem, selfishness and arrogance…,” tells us a lot about nature of demons and the people who follow them and worship them, even though they are rarely aware that they are doing so. A person who is arrogant, selfish, greedy, jealous, and full of self-esteem is a tool of the devil. It is that simple. Of course, we are all guilty of that a little, but this is talking about those who make such traits the driving force in their lives. Sadly, we have fallen so far we often consider such persons heroes! But, while it may not seem the case when you look around you, it is starting to change. I read a few days ago that both Democrats and Republican voters are turning on the idea of candidates being up for sale to the highest bidder and are vowing to not vote for any candidate owned by a billionaire. That is certainly a step in the right direction. So is the sudden rise of organic foods. It shows that people are no longer blindly accepting advertising claims and are looking for truth. Definitely a good sign.


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