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The Solar Triad

“In his Hymn to the Royal Sun, the Emperor Julian gives a theory of the triad which is almost identical with that of the illuminated Swedenborg. The sun of the divine world is the infinite, spiritual and uncreated light, which is verbalized, so to speak, in the philosophical world, and becomes the fountain of souls and of truth; then it incorporates and becomes visible light in the sun of the third world, the central sun of our suns, of which the fixed stars are the ever-living sparks. The Kabalists compare the spirit to a substance which remains fluid in the divine medium and under the influence of the essential light, its exterior, however, becoming solidified, like wax when exposed to air, in the colder realms of reasoning and of visible forms.” ~Eliphas Levi

There are many sacred triads including the well known Christian one of three Gods in one. The quoted passage is about another one that is of great importance to us: the triad of the sun or Light. This triad consists of the physical sun, the spiritual sun, and us because we are greatly affected by the sun.

Science completely agrees on the importance of the physical sun to life on Earth, but go no further than that. Like the foolish ship’s captain who sees only a small part of the iceberg sticking out of the water and refuses to believe that there is even more of it hidden below the surface, the scientist can’t accept anything his material tools can’t measure as real, so he simply ignores them.

But just as the physical sun provides warmth to our planet, as well as many other types of energy that it needs to function, the spiritual sun does much the same on a spiritual level. Levi tell us this spiritual sun is infinite and uncreated. How can it be uncreated if it actually exists? It is uncreated because it is infinite, it has no beginning, no end, no death, and therefore, no birth. Since it has always been, it cannot have been created. It is possible, of course, that it has changed, but it has always existed. Continue reading “The Solar Triad”

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Random Thoughts 6-28-2015

ConfedFlagNotTo me, the ruling by the Supreme Court on GayFlaggay marriage is about more than marriage, it’s about recognizing gay people as real people with the same rights as other people. And it happened in the same week when people are pushing to get the Confederate Flag removed from state buildings and other public places. It was just not a good week for bigots. Anyone care to guess how many millions they will spend in the next few years to try and make progress go away?


Bristol Palin has proudly announced that she, being totally heterosexual, is pregnant again. And she thinks she knows who the father is!


A lot of people are writing about Twitter and what to do about it’s fading away. I haven’t heard any of them say why most older people, especially writers and those with an education, don’t like Twitter. It’s because of their strongly encouraging people to speak in gibberish with no punctuation because it take up those very limited spaces allowed. It’s curios that when the average novel length is over 400 pages, the Twits are insisting on one line communication “cuz we all need to get dumber and dumber,” right?


I have to laugh at this one. Scientists trying to study sea stars (erroneously called starfish) have been finding it difficult. It seems that if you insert one of those tiny tracking chips into one of the critters, within a day or two its body pushes it out and discards it. Apparently, they don’t like to be spied on.


So after just about everyone shared the story about a rat in a bucket of KFC chicken and commented on the horror of it all, it turns out it was just an odd shaped piece of chicken that someone thought resembled a rat and then the brilliance of the internet took over.



When we transcend ourselves and become in our ascent toward God so simple that the bare supreme Love can lay hold of us, then we cease, and we and all our selfhood die in God. And in his death we become the hidden children of God, and find a new life within us.” ~Jan van Ruysbroeck



Robot vs Row Butt. Don’t get them confused.




Row Butt


Strengthen Your Virtues

“We have received from God self-control, forbearance, restraint, fortitude, patience, and the like, which are great and holy powers, helping us to resist the enemy’s attacks. If we cultivate these powers and have them at our disposal, we do not regard anything that befalls us as painful, grievous, or unbearable, realizing that it is human and can be overcome by the virtues within us. The unintelligent do not take this into account; that do not understand that all things happen for our benefit, rightly and as they should, so that our virtues may shine and we ourselves be crowned by God.” ~The Philokalia

We all have both positive and negative traits. We may be very patient at times, but at other times, get angry easily. We may have strong opinions about something and refuse to listen to anything that proves them wrong, yet on other subjects, we can be very open-minded.

There is currently a hit movie where a little girl’s emotions are pictured as little people living in her head. You could also think of them as animals or a flock of birds. Using the bird analogy, what happened when you feed some of the birds regularly, but rarely feed others? Obviously, the well fed birds will grow big and strong, while the others will be skinny and weak and unable to do anything. The important thing about that is you can decide which birds to feed and which to let go hungry.

Some of us love confrontation so much, we deliberately place ourselves in situations where we can get into arguments with others. This used to be mostly in one-on-one situations, but thanks to modern technology, such people can now become internet snarks and trolls who will argue about anything just for the joy of arguing, just for the thrill of being disagreeable. And because these people are feeding those birds the most, they get constantly bigger and stronger and more out of control. This is how that sweet, quiet kid down the block turns into a terrorist.

Fortunately, there are also people who instead place themselves in situations where they can develop the positive “virtues” rather than the negative. They will do things like babysit for a difficult child to help them develop patience. They will go to a buffet restaurant and eat only what their body truly needs as an exercise in self-control. Just as we grow bigger and stronger muscles by working them at the gym, we grow bigger and stronger virtues by using them regularly and vigorously.

I don’t totally agree with the author of this section of The Philokalia when he says all things happen for our benefit, but I certainly agree that how we react to what happens to us can make us stronger or weaker. If your property is destroyed in a storm, and you make the decision to rebuild and to help others who suffered damage, your virtues grow stronger. If instead, you look for someone to blame and take no responsibility yourself, you do not feed your positive virtues, and may be feeding the negative ones. The choice is always yours.


Attributes of God

“For men that think so, suffer that which is most ridiculous of all; for professing to bless, and praise God, yet in not ascribing to Him the making or doing of All things, they know Him not. And besides their not knowing Him, they are extremely impious against Him, attributing unto Him passions, as Pride, or Oversight, or Weakness, or Ignorance, or Envy. … God hath only one Passion, namely Good; and He that is Good, is neither proud, nor impotent, nor the rest, but God is Good itself.” ~Hermes

It is curious and strange how many men throughout the ages have tried to reduce God to their level by attributing to him human frailties and emotions. We laugh at the ancients with their pantheon of gods who fought with each other, schemed against each other, got jealous and angry, and in general acted much like humans, yet in the Bible we talk of God being “a jealous God,” “An angry God,” and so on.

As Hermes correctly states, God has but one passion which is Good. If you think that God gets jealous, arrogant, prideful, egotistical, angry, or any other human emotion, you are trying to lower Him to your level, or you are confusion a demon with God. Satan is, of course, a “jealous god,” because he know that he is a false god, a usurper. The real God could not possible be jealous. Who would he be jealous of? Satan, who pretends to be god? Man who pretends to understand God? The whole idea is ridiculous. And that is true of other emotions.

Another is envy. Who what could God be envious of? He is the creator of all that is real and permanent, is he supposed to be jealous of the fallen angels and the temporary words they created? That’s like expecting the chef who makes gourmet wedding cakes for celebrities to be jealous of a child making mud pies. Continue reading “Attributes of God”