The Myth of Ishtar symbolizes the descent of the human spirit through the seven worlds or spheres of the sacred planets, until finally, deprived of its spiritual adornments, it incarnates in the physical body—Hades–where the mistress of that body heaps every form of sorrow and misery upon the imprisoned consciousness. The waters of life—the secret doctrine—cure the diseases of ignorance; and the spirit, ascending again to its divine source, regains its God-given adornments as it passes upward through the rings of the planets.” ~Manly P. Hall

Primitive manActually, many myths of gods and heroes are allegorical representations of the fall of man from a spiritual being living in a spiritual realm to a physical being living on a material plane. Nearly everything in the quote from Hall is symbolic or allegorical. Let’s take a look at some of it.

Hall talks about the human spirit descending “though the seven worlds or spheres of the sacred planets”. This is definitely not literal, out spirits didn’t pass through seven planets on the way to Earth. What it means is that the spirit descended through seven dimensions of reality. That is true if you assume we started out at the ninth dimension which is the Godhead counting that as one, and we are now in the third dimension. As you descend, each dimension becomes more material and less spiritual or, if you prefer, from higher frequencies to lower ones or from light to relative darkness. As we descended, our spiritual faculties became less and less active, more and more dormant until we arrive in the very material third dimension with them in a state that is like a deep coma.

Hall calls this dimension Hades, but he is wrong. Hades or hell is the second dimension, just one small step below us. It is so close that we interface with beings on that level everyday and are not aware of it. Not that we don’t see them—they are completely visible—it’s just that we are unaware that they are in another dimension, that is how close we are to it.

The unfortunate thing is that once we have started on this path of descent, it is not easy to stop. Many believe that the death of the physical body will somehow magically reverse this, but it won’t. The only way we can turn around and start heading back in the other direction is to make a concerted effort to do so before we die. The first step is to decide that it is what we want, that’s the easy part. Next, we need to awaken those dormant spiritual faculties so they can guide us on that path; that’s the hard part.

Virtually all great prophets and spiritual teachers have taught that just waiting for it to happen doesn’t work—you will keep on falling until you reach the first, or lowest dimension: the great abyss or “the nothing”, the place where nothing can exist, not even the lowest forms of matter. So you have to work at awakening and work at enlightenment. Fortunately for our generation, we now have the Sun of Righteousness shining down on us to raise our frequencies and give us the needed energy to succeed. But we still have to seek it and work for it.


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