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Sleazy politicians, corrupt professional sports officials, cars being recalled for safety issues, Evangelical Christians turning out to be sexual predators, how original! The more things change, the more they stay the same.


I’m taking a class in fiction writing from Open University and I think I am learning a lot. In one of this weeks lessons, we studied a character description in a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was so good I just had to download some of his books to read on my kindle. I really have to get working on my novels because my non-fiction just doesn’t sell.


I didn’t post an article yesterday or last Saturday. If there is no significant loss in readership, I will probably start skipping two days and just posting five times a week. This is mostly in an effort to keep from being overly repetitive.


It is very curious that the Evangelical preachers who are always blaming disasters on gays and feminists when they hit liberal areas, have nothing to say when a double rainbow appears over Ireland after the historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage, while Texas that strongly bans it get floods.


A great video on Senator Ted Cruz’ favorite hero, Ted Nugent.


So Muslims praying in a mosque is considered terrorism by some, but a group of gun toting bikers marching outside the mosque and carrying derogatory depictions of Mohammed is just good old boys exercising freedom? Typical right-wing double-speek. It is funny, though that the Christians (?) who complain about not having the freedom to establish churches in certain foreign countries, are the first to complain when Muslims or Hindus try to build a mosque or temple in their country. As ye sew, so shall ye reap, dummies. I’m glad that at least a group of counter demonstrators showed up to promote religious tolerance.


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Surprise! Putin thinks the United States and Switzerland should stay out of FIFA business because bribery and corruption are just fine with him. Just the normal way of doing business.


Now that sandwich season has arrived, here is a simple trick to improve the basic tuna salad sandwich: use tartar sauce in place of mayonnaise. It’s specifically made to flavor fish.


The discovery of a city in Africa believed to be nearly 200,000 years old shows civilization AfricaCityhas been around a lot longer than believed. So why do we find much more primitive people just 20,000 years ago? Cycles, people, cycles. Development is not constantly going up, but up and down in cycles.



There is a mode of knowing that is above intelligence, a divine madness. The like alone knows the like; sense, the sensible. Intelligence, intelligence; the one, that which is one. Let but the intelligent soul transcend intelligence, and it forgets itself and the rest. Adhering to unity, it therin peacefully dwells, closed to all knowledge, mute and silent … this, my friend, is the divine working of the soul; he who is capable of it is set free from the bonds of authority; he is sheltered, not only from exterior but also from interior impulses.” ~Proclus



I took this shot a few days ago while walking my dog in Sun Valley Park, Nevada.

SunVPark 004


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