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ArtiIslandI like the TV show Lab Rats, but I thought the idea of building an artificial island for the bionic academy was foolish considering the cost and the fact that there are many small natural islands that are unoccupied and could probably be bought for far less. I was really surprised, then, to learn this past week that China is actually trying to extend it’s territory by building artificial islands hundreds of miles off shore, than claiming that the area around those islands belong to them. I remember back a few decades when states and countries were paying engineering firms to build artificial barriers to protect beaches from erosion. A few years later, they were tearing them down when they realized that protecting one beach was only causing more erosion on another beach a few miles away. So what effect do these artificial islands have on ocean currents, wind currents, reefs, fish etc?


I’m beginning to suspect that the western countries, including the United States, are waiting for ISIS to overthrow the Assad government of Syria before they start to seriously try to stop them. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for their seeming reluctance to make a serious effort to stop these barbarians.


Good job Ireland on becoming the first country to choose to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote.

I had to laugh at the video of a guy who tried to scare off an alligator with his pickup truck. The gator was not impressed and instead of running tore the bumper off the truck.


The Cosolargy blog that I contribute to has moved from to the new site.



“The entire effort of our Soul is to become God. This effort is as natural to man as that of flying is to birds. For it is inherent in all men, everywhere and always.” ~Marsilio Ficino



View from Temple Mount at Redrock Sanctuary in Reno where we held a sunrise service on the 17th.

templeMount 003templeMount 004templeMount 007


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