A True Christian

“But a Christian is of no sect. He can dwell in the midst of sects, and appear in their services, without being attached or bound to any. He hath but one knowledge, and that is Christ in him. He seeketh but one way, which is the desire always to do and teach that which is right; and he putteth all his knowing and willing into the Life of Christ. He sigheth and wisheth continually that the Will of God might be done in him, and that His Kingdom might be manifested in him. His faith is a desire after God and Goodness, which he wrappeth up in a sure hope, trusting to the words of the promise, and liveth and dieth therein; though as to the true man, he never dieth.” ~Jacob Boehme

chosenFotolia2If Boehm’s description of a real Christian doesn’t seem at all familiar, that is understandable, yet sad. Boehme is quite correct in this description. A true Christian is not trapped in any one sect or Church and he does not insist that his church is better than all others. He doesn’t start wars against those who belong to other churches and he doesn’t behead them or burn them as witches because they believe something different. What is really strange is when we hear from certain churches that we need to stop Muslims who are going to force Sharia law on everyone if they become powerful enough, and their solution to that problem is that they should be declared the official state religion and everyone should be forced to follow the rules of their church that has strayed about as far from the true teaching of Christ as is possible, yet the continue to claim they are better Christians than everybody else.

Boehme then tells us that the real Christian has “but one knowledge, and that is Christ in him.” What does he mean by that? Does he mean that we should fall down and worship Jesus? Does he mean that we should all speak as mouthpieces of Jesus putting words in His mouth that are very often not at all what He taught? No, of course not. What Boehme is talking about here is that gaining of Divine Knowledge, that truth that is revealed to the awakened soul and cannot be denied or debated, it simply is: Gnosis. When a truly awakened soul unites with God, the knowledge gained during that union is absolute truth and is not subject to interpretation. Boehme is one who knew that from personal experience, so he had every right to say this. He is speaking from experience, not opinion. Continue reading “A True Christian”


Living Between Two Realities

“Now it is a paradox of human life, often observed even by the most concrete and unimaginative of philosophers, that man seems to be poised between two contradictory orders of Reality. Two planes of existence—or, perhaps, two ways of apprehending existence—lie within the possible span of his consciousness. that great pair of opposites which metaphysicians call Being and Becoming, Eternity and Time, Unity and Multiplicity. … The greatest men, those whose consciousness is extended to full span, can grasp, be aware of, both. … They react fully to both.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Das Feuer Ritual - Burning awakeningMany people continue to believe that in order to be spiritual, we must withdraw completely from the world of matter. Others are so confused that they think the world of matter and the world of spirit are one and the same and therefore worship of nature is all that is needed to become spiritual. Both of these extremes, as with most extremes, are false.

While it is certainly true that we need to avoid becoming too attached to the material, and break such attachments if they already exist in us, this does not mean we need to withdraw entirely from the world of matter. Contact with that part of the material world that remains natural can, in fact, aid us in becoming spiritual, at least in the early stages. That is because the laws of nature are not far from the laws of God and very often are closer to divine law than is the law of man. We have seen many examples in recent decades where man’s well meant laws that were passed without really thinking about the laws of nature and God have resulted in unintended disaster. A good example of this is when well-meaning environmentalists wanted us to stop destroying the rain forests so they fought hard to get us to switch from paper bags to plastic ones without really considering what the impact of all that plastic would be. Now they realize that the plastic bags are far worse on the very environment they wished to protect. A spiritual person would not have made such an error. Continue reading “Living Between Two Realities”

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Random Thoughts 5-24-2-15

ArtiIslandI like the TV show Lab Rats, but I thought the idea of building an artificial island for the bionic academy was foolish considering the cost and the fact that there are many small natural islands that are unoccupied and could probably be bought for far less. I was really surprised, then, to learn this past week that China is actually trying to extend it’s territory by building artificial islands hundreds of miles off shore, than claiming that the area around those islands belong to them. I remember back a few decades when states and countries were paying engineering firms to build artificial barriers to protect beaches from erosion. A few years later, they were tearing them down when they realized that protecting one beach was only causing more erosion on another beach a few miles away. So what effect do these artificial islands have on ocean currents, wind currents, reefs, fish etc?


I’m beginning to suspect that the western countries, including the United States, are waiting for ISIS to overthrow the Assad government of Syria before they start to seriously try to stop them. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for their seeming reluctance to make a serious effort to stop these barbarians.


Good job Ireland on becoming the first country to choose to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote.

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Souls in a World of Matter

“Before the soul can see, the Harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion. Before the soul can hear, the image (man) has to become as deaf to roarings as to whispers, to cries of bellowing elephants as to the silvery buzzing of the golden fire-fly. Before the soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the Silent Speaker be united just as the form to which the clay is modeled, is first united with the potter’s mind. For then the soul will hear, and will remember. And then to the inner ear will speak the Voice of Silence.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Yoga МeditationOf course the soul does not have eyes or ears so this is obviously allegory, but quite true. When you concentrate on using the physical eyes to see your way through the world of matter, you do not see anything that is spiritual. When your ears are constantly bombarded with the sounds of a world of matter and materialism, there is no room for hearing the whispers of the spirits.

It is not really accurate to say that the soul cannot comprehend the spiritual when we are too busy being material beings. The awakened soul, or at least the Divine Soul rather than the mundane soul of the body and mind, always comprehends the spiritual. The problem is that it isn’t awake in most of us but is in a state like a deep coma or hibernation. Before it can remember the spiritual and it’s connection to that world, it must be awakened. Sadly, many of the popular churches of this day do little, if anything, to help make that happen or to instruct the person on how to do it himself. Sometimes the music and incense used in those churches can help awaken the soul, but it is more of a happy accident than a deliberate act since the churches have forgotten the purpose of such things. Fortunately, there are spiritual schools in the world that can help one awaken the spirit and soul and develop those spiritual faculties to their fullest. Continue reading “Souls in a World of Matter”