“Now it is a paradox of human life, often observed even by the most concrete and unimaginative of philosophers, that man seems to be poised between two contradictory orders of Reality. Two planes of existence—or, perhaps, two ways of apprehending existence—lie within the possible span of his consciousness. that great pair of opposites which metaphysicians call Being and Becoming, Eternity and Time, Unity and Multiplicity. … The greatest men, those whose consciousness is extended to full span, can grasp, be aware of, both. … They react fully to both.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Das Feuer Ritual - Burning awakeningMany people continue to believe that in order to be spiritual, we must withdraw completely from the world of matter. Others are so confused that they think the world of matter and the world of spirit are one and the same and therefore worship of nature is all that is needed to become spiritual. Both of these extremes, as with most extremes, are false.

While it is certainly true that we need to avoid becoming too attached to the material, and break such attachments if they already exist in us, this does not mean we need to withdraw entirely from the world of matter. Contact with that part of the material world that remains natural can, in fact, aid us in becoming spiritual, at least in the early stages. That is because the laws of nature are not far from the laws of God and very often are closer to divine law than is the law of man. We have seen many examples in recent decades where man’s well meant laws that were passed without really thinking about the laws of nature and God have resulted in unintended disaster. A good example of this is when well-meaning environmentalists wanted us to stop destroying the rain forests so they fought hard to get us to switch from paper bags to plastic ones without really considering what the impact of all that plastic would be. Now they realize that the plastic bags are far worse on the very environment they wished to protect. A spiritual person would not have made such an error.

At the other extreme, complete withdrawal from the material world by those who wish to become spiritual creates two problems. The first is that the material world will continue to sink deeper and deeper into darkness if no spiritual people are their to try to raise it into the Light. The second is that the spiritual person still has a material body and it needs a certain degree of creature comforts to function properly so you can use it as a tool to grow spiritually and encourage others to do the same.

So the sensible spiritual is close to nature, yet not trapped in it, and lives in the material world and in the spiritual simultaneously. By doing so, he can raise the vibrations of the material and eventually, when enough of us are doing that, and with much help from God, the world of matter will become spiritual again and the dual realities will cease to exist.


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