“But a Christian is of no sect. He can dwell in the midst of sects, and appear in their services, without being attached or bound to any. He hath but one knowledge, and that is Christ in him. He seeketh but one way, which is the desire always to do and teach that which is right; and he putteth all his knowing and willing into the Life of Christ. He sigheth and wisheth continually that the Will of God might be done in him, and that His Kingdom might be manifested in him. His faith is a desire after God and Goodness, which he wrappeth up in a sure hope, trusting to the words of the promise, and liveth and dieth therein; though as to the true man, he never dieth.” ~Jacob Boehme

chosenFotolia2If Boehm’s description of a real Christian doesn’t seem at all familiar, that is understandable, yet sad. Boehme is quite correct in this description. A true Christian is not trapped in any one sect or Church and he does not insist that his church is better than all others. He doesn’t start wars against those who belong to other churches and he doesn’t behead them or burn them as witches because they believe something different. What is really strange is when we hear from certain churches that we need to stop Muslims who are going to force Sharia law on everyone if they become powerful enough, and their solution to that problem is that they should be declared the official state religion and everyone should be forced to follow the rules of their church that has strayed about as far from the true teaching of Christ as is possible, yet the continue to claim they are better Christians than everybody else.

Boehme then tells us that the real Christian has “but one knowledge, and that is Christ in him.” What does he mean by that? Does he mean that we should fall down and worship Jesus? Does he mean that we should all speak as mouthpieces of Jesus putting words in His mouth that are very often not at all what He taught? No, of course not. What Boehme is talking about here is that gaining of Divine Knowledge, that truth that is revealed to the awakened soul and cannot be denied or debated, it simply is: Gnosis. When a truly awakened soul unites with God, the knowledge gained during that union is absolute truth and is not subject to interpretation. Boehme is one who knew that from personal experience, so he had every right to say this. He is speaking from experience, not opinion.

He goes on to say that the real Christian wishes for God’s will to be done in him, through him. That is certainly true, but far from what most “Christians” are taught. Churches today teach us to follow the will of the church or the priest or minister working there. They claim to be speaking for God but cannot explain why God would need anyone to do His speaking for Him. God is perfectly capable of speaking to us Himself, and does it all the time, we simply have to “listen.” The trick to it is that we can’t listen to God with our physical ears. We must listen with our spirits and souls which must first be awakened, or activated if you prefer. In this very material world, it doesn’t just happen, you have to work at it, usually for years.

And how can the Kingdom of God be manifested in us? It can because it is not a place in the physical sense, but a dimension, a frequency, one that we can dwell in, at least on occasion, by simply raising our vibration rate to be as close to the rate of the angels and Beings of Light that dwell in God’s Kingdom. We cannot do it by going in the other direction and lowering our frequencies to that of bugs and frogs. And when a sufficient number of us start doing this, the frequency of the entire planet will change and we will once again become a world of Light, a world of God, as we were before The Fall.


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