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Random Thoughts 5-31-2015

Sleazy politicians, corrupt professional sports officials, cars being recalled for safety issues, Evangelical Christians turning out to be sexual predators, how original! The more things change, the more they stay the same.


I’m taking a class in fiction writing from Open University and I think I am learning a lot. In one of this weeks lessons, we studied a character description in a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was so good I just had to download some of his books to read on my kindle. I really have to get working on my novels because my non-fiction just doesn’t sell.


I didn’t post an article yesterday or last Saturday. If there is no significant loss in readership, I will probably start skipping two days and just posting five times a week. This is mostly in an effort to keep from being overly repetitive.


It is very curious that the Evangelical preachers who are always blaming disasters on gays and feminists when they hit liberal areas, have nothing to say when a double rainbow appears over Ireland after the historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage, while Texas that strongly bans it get floods.


A great video on Senator Ted Cruz’ favorite hero, Ted Nugent. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 5-31-2015”


The Determination of the Mystic

“We have then arrived so far in our description of the mechanism of the mystic. Possesses like other men of powers of feeling, thought, and will, it is essential that his love and his determination, even more than his thought, should be set upon Transcendent Reality. He must feel a strong emotional attraction toward the supersensual object of his quest. … Of this must be born the will to attain communion with that Absolute object. This will, this burning and active desire, must crystallize into and express itself by that definite and conscious concentration of the whole self upon the object, which precedes the contemplative state. We see already how far astray are those who look upon the mystical temperament as passive in type.” ~Evelyn Underhill

ConsciousnessExpanded2JThe one who succeeds in achieving spiritual enlightenment—Christ Consciousness, if you prefer—must be one who is strongly devoted to doing so. True spiritual enlightenment cannot be achieved by a casual, sometimes approach, or by one who doesn’t really care if he achieves it or not. The one who will succeed in this must be driven to do so.

When we see televised coverage of the Olympics, and they look at an athletes training routine, do you ever hear of a medal winning athlete who approaches her sport casually? Who does it occasionally, just when on vacation, or only on weekends? I never have and I doubt such a person exists. The ones who win the medals have natural talents to be sure, but they develop those talents to the fullest by practicing several hours a day, five, six, even seven days a week. Some guy who just says, “I like to swim in the lake with my friends occasionally,” isn’t going to be sent to the Olympics. Continue reading “The Determination of the Mystic”


Spiritual Growth is a Process

“Enlightenment proceeds from very simple processes. Here, too, t is a matter of developing certain feelings and thoughts which slumber in every human being and must be awakened. It is only when these simple processes are carried out with unfailing patience, continuously and conscientiously, that they can lead to the perception of the inner light-forms. … The student gradually learns, by their means, to see something like soul and spirit colors. The spiritual world with its lines and figures remains dark as long as he has attained what has been described as preparation; through enlightenment this world becomes light.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Meditation illustrationWhether you think the process is simple or complex, easy or difficult, lengthy or short may depend on who you talk too but one thing is certain with all real spiritual teachers: there is a process that needs to be followed to achieve enlightenment. The ridiculously simplistic idea that you have become an enlightened person just by joining a particular church, buying a sparkly crystal, or declaring Jesus your savior just doesn’t work. And as more and more people are becoming aware that these popular approaches don’t work, they turn, unfortunately, to atheism. What they should be doing if they really do want enlightenment is to seek out a real spiritual school.

Just as a doctor, lawyer, carpenter or plumber needs to start with learning from experts and to use the proper tools, so too must the person seeking spiritual growth. If the lawyer carried a hammer and a screwdriver while the carpenter had a law book, they could not do their jobs properly. Continue reading “Spiritual Growth is a Process”


The Myth of the Hanged Man

“A curious aspect of the dying-god myth is that of the Hanged man. The most important example of this peculiar conception is found in the Odinic rituals where Odin hangs himself for nine nights from the branches of the world tree … Esoterically, the Hanged Man is the human spirit which is suspended from heaven by a single thread. Wisdom, not death, is the reward for this voluntary sacrifice during which the human soul, suspended above the world of illusion, and meditating upon it’s unreality, is rewarded by the achievement of self-realization. … The secret import of this world tragedy and the Universal Martyr must be rediscovered if Christianity is to reach the heights attained by the pagans in the days of their philosophical supremacy.” ~Manly P. Hall


The Sacrifice of Odin by Frolich

The idea of a god dying really makes no sense at all so it should be seen as allegory. A god can’t really die, so something else must be happening in these tales of gods that are hung on a tree or a cross, especially the tales of gods who hang themselves. They are not being suicidal, at least not in the sense that we generally think of it.

Mr. Hall says this hanging god as symbolic of the human spirit or soul suspended by a spiritual thread above the world of matter and that is true as far as it goes. In the legend regarding Odin, he hangs himself from the world tree for nine days. I would have to assume that the number of days is not random but carefully chosen as it matches the number of dimension in the true universe that includes the spiritual dimensions as well as the material ones. So this hanging is also symbolic of traveling through those dimensions back to the source of our souls. Hall tells us that when the spirit is suspended above the material world, it meditates upon it’s unreality. It is not that the material world doesn’t exist, but rather that, much like the show of a stage magician, what appears to be and what really is are not the same. Continue reading “The Myth of the Hanged Man”