“Our doctrine of the immortality of the heavenly system rests on the firmest foundation once we have cited the sovereign agent, the soul, and considered, beside, the peculiar excellence of the bodily substance consulting the stars, a material so pure, so entirely the noblest, and chosen by the soul as, in all living beings, the determining principle appropriate to itself the choicest among their character parts. No doubt, Aristotle is right in speaking of flame as a turmoil, fire insolently rioting; but the celestial fire is equitable, placid, docile for the purposes of the stars.” ~Plotinus

Das Feuer Ritual - Burning awakeningWhile we say that the material world is mortal, and everything in it dies and comes to an end, that is true only of the part of the thing or being which is matter. The laws of science tell us that matter cannot be destroyed, but only converted to energy or other forms of matter, and that is true as far as it goes. The problem with that statement is that it fails to account for those levels of being beyond the material that we call spiritual.

When the fallen angels, referred to as the demiurge in Gnostic teachings, created the material universe, they didn’t create it from nothing as God does with true creation. They created the material realm from the spiritual in the same way that a sculpture might create a statue from a tree or a rock. And since the spiritual is at the root of everything material, and since we know from this that spiritual substance can be converted to matter, it is logical and quite scientific to assume that matter can be converted to spirit.

Even now, spirit still gets converted to matter at times and many of the strange things seen in the sky that are labeled UFOs are just lumps of proto-matter: spirit in the process of turning into matter. So does it ever happen in the other direction? Absolutely! Great mystics, prophets, and gurus have been reputed to just disappear in a brilliant burst of light when there physical life is over.

Also, not all matter is the same. Some is denser, or lower, than other forms of matter and some might be called high matter because it is barely below the level of spirit. Such matter is found in the stars and since our sun is a star, the sun is the closest and most important source of such matter from out point of view. Plotinus refers to this star matter as the purest and noblest—and it truly is, but we would say in modern scientific terminology that this star matter vibrates at the highest possible frequencies for matter. If they vibrated any faster, they wold be spirit. So what does that tell us?

If you wanted to enter a strange foreign land that you knew almost nothing about, but you had a friend who lived just outside that land, would you not visit that friend and ask him to tell you all he knew, all he had heard of living so close to the secret place? It seems to me like the smart thing to do. So since the stars, including our sun, are closer to the spiritual than we are, should we be communicating with the sun to learn as much as we can of what is on the other side of the veil?

Many of the self-righteous of today call people of the past primitive sun worshipers, but many of them were not worshiping the sun at all. Instead, they were using the sun much as we might use a telescope, or a satellite to get a closer look at the spiritual. In short, you can think of the sun, and other stars, as windows between heaven and earth, between matter and spirit. Unfortunately, though, it isn’t as simple as just looking at the sun as sun gazing groups are doing. They are looking at the physical sun, which has some benefits on the material level, but does little for spiritual growth and enlightenment. You need to move beyond looking at the physical sun to looking at and communicating with the spiritual sun, the Sun of Righteousness. This sun behind the sun is spirit and can help us understand and connect with the spiritual levels of the universe much better than the physical sun can. But the techniques for gazing at this sun can be dangerous in the wrong hands so you have to learn them through a reputable spiritual school rather than a sun-gazing club.


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