Consciousness of Unity

“The consciousness of the Unity of Life is something that must be experienced before the truth may be realized. It is not necessary for one to wait until he acquire full Cosmic Consciousness before he may realize, at least partially, the Oneness of All Life, for he may unfold gradually into the Cosmic Knowing, experiencing at each stage a fuller conception of the underlying Unity …In the one life of the tree, does the leaf feel less important and real for this discovery[that it is just a part of the tree]? We should say assuredly not, for it must feel that behind its tiny form and limited strength is the strength and vitality of the entire of the tree.” ~William Walker Atkison

HopeJust as a race car doesn’t go from a complete stop to 200 miles an hour instantly, nor a departing jet reach cruising speed instantly, the awakening of our higher levels of consciousness do not just suddenly happen, with rare exception. As we practice our spiritual techniques, we are changing constantly and we are usually not aware that we have changed at all because it is so gradual. Occasionally, someone makes a big leap forward, but usually it’s just slow, but steady progress. Of course, there are also those occasions when we fall back a few steps, or step off the given path and have to find our way back, but such is life. The truth is, if we struggle for it, we appreciate it more.

Sometimes, a spiritual student who has been studying for five, ten, even twenty years may think she has made little progress, but them she meets someone she hasn’t seen in many years and the person remarks about how much she has changed. Not in physical appearance, spiritual people actually tend to age more slowly than others, but in personality, in her way of thinking, in her understanding of the world and how things really work. Then the student realizes she has made progress. Continue reading “Consciousness of Unity”


Above and Below What?

“The ancient sages, of which Trismegistus is the organ, formulated their sole dogma in these terms: ‘That which is above is like unto that which is below, and that which is below unto that which is above.’ In other words, the form is proportional to the idea; the shadow is the measure of the body calculated in its relation to the luminous ray; the scabbard is as deep as the sword is long; the negation is in proportion to the contrary affirmation; … and there is no point in infinite extension which may not be regarded as the center of a circle having as expanding circumference receding indefinitely into space.” ~Eliphas Levi

Way to heaven. Resurrection concept, empty grave.I’m sure we have all heard some variation of the “as above, so below” teaching of Hermes and many others after him. This is often looked at in a material sense by comparing the structure of a solar system with that of an atom, a galaxy with that of a molecule, the interaction of cells in our bodies with stars in distant space, and so on. While this is a valid way to look at and study the concept, is it really what Hermes meant? It is really what this great spiritual teacher was interested in? I doubt it.

Mr. Levi is looking at it in another way that may be closer to what Hermes intended. Levi is really saying two different things. The first is that in our world of duality, the negative and positive must be in balance, at least for now. The second is that how successful we are at creating the world we want depends on how strong our thoughts and beliefs are. Continue reading “Above and Below What?”


Trolls and Snarks

“The Law says about a bull which is given to goring other bulls: ‘If men have protested to the owner and he has not destroyed the animal, he shall pay’ (Exod. 21:36. LXX). You should apply this to your thoughts and impulses. Sometimes during a meal the impulse of self-esteem springs up inside you, urging you to speak at the wrong moment. The angelic thoughts protest within you and tell you to destroy this impulse to speak. If you do not resist the Impulse by keeping silent as you should but allow it to come out into the open because you are puffed up by delusion, then you will have to pay the penalty.” ~The Philokalia

trollI wonder what the writer of this quote would say if he were shown the internet and the comments that get posted on social sites by snarks and trolls! But as the author says here, if the owner of the bull that gores others doesn’t solve the problem, he will have to pay. The Bull being anyone who insists he has to say something when nobody has asked because he is so puffed up with his own self-esteem (Ego) that he can’t accept at all that his opinion on everything matters to others about as much as the cawing of a crow—but is also just as annoying—and the paying being the laws of karma, namely that how you treat others is how they will treat you and if you are always insulting others, especially if it is not honest criticism but the ridiculous snarkiness of a know-it-all.

The book gives the example of someone speaking out of turn or improperly at a communal meal, but this applies even more today on the internet. I had to laugh a few day ago when another writer who is in the same Facebook writer’s group that I’m in (one of them, anyway) apparently got upset because someone criticized her snarkiness so she posted a message that said something like, If you don’t like what I post, unfriend me, because I am going to say whatever I want to. I never say the original post, I don’t know what snarky comment she made that turned others against her, but her attitude when other sent it right back at her made me think she was not a person I wanted to communicate with and I followed her suggestion by unfriending her. And if you think I am going on about snarks and trolls because I have received some unfriendly comments on this blog, you are wrong. It’s actually just by coincidence that I found this on the next page I read in the Philokalia. Continue reading “Trolls and Snarks”

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Random Thoughts 4-19-2015

Yesterday, April 18th was true Easter on our calendar. That is because the first Eater occurred on April 18th and there is no reason to move it around to match the weekend of Passover since the two events are not connected in any way. I know some people still believe that the Last Supper was a Passover meal, but it wasn’t. Passover is held by a Jewish family at home and bitter herbs are eaten, not bread and wine. Jesus and the apostles held the Last Supper in a public meeting room and ate bread and wine.


I am rather surprised that Aaron Hernandez was found guilty. The evidence was overwhelming, but circumstantial, and it is unusual for a celebrity to be convicted on circumstantial evidence.


I wonder if anyone is really surprised by this story that shows that the NRA hid evidence that owning guns does not make you safer but, on the contrary, dramatically increases the odds that you will get shot.


SO the idiots at the FDA who blindly approve any frankenfood Monsanto’s mad scientists create, have told the makers of Kind bars to change their labels because, according to the FDA, they contain too much fat to be labeled healthy! The fat in those bars is natural, healthy fats found in nuts, a main ingredient of those bars, that most nutritionists now say are very healthy, but the makers of plastic low-fat TV dinners can still call their abominations healthy because they are low fat. What nonsense!

Continue reading “Random Thoughts 4-19-2015”