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Random Thoughts 4-26-2015


This is a true story with a lesson for us all. Hopefully, you can figure it out without any help from me.

When I was nine or ten years old I saw a wasp fly into a spider’s web and get trapped. As the wasp struggled to get free, the spider ran down from the corner of the web and started wrapping it in silk to get the wasp completely trapped. As the spider kept wrapping, the wasp kept struggling to get free and also attack the spider. The spider was successful in wrapping the wasp up tight, but in the process the wasp succeeded in stinging it at least once. The spider quickly died from the stings and the wasp died as well.


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I’ve noticed that someone in Russia is reading my blog regularly, so to my Russian fan:

хорошего дня
That's “Have a good Day!” according to Google translate.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Nepal who have lost their homes and loved ones in the earthquake.

If Bill Gates makes a donation to a charity run by a politician, and then Microsoft wins a government contract, that proves Gates bought political favors, right? Actually, no, it doesn’t But that is the logic Republicans are using to criticize the Clinton foundation. Wouldn’t it be great if politicians could run on how well qualified they are instead of the “Vote for me because the other guy is an idiot” method.

The news media is making a big thing of a man who “works for Congress” but is homeless. Actually, he works for the company that runs the cafeteria in Congress which is not the same thing, but I fail to see why he should be considered any different than any other homeless person. It should be a great shame of all Americans that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world where many building sit empty and abandoned and where CEOs of major corporations earn more than dictators in small countries, millions of people including many who have jobs are living in the streets.


I’ve actually never watched the Dr. Oz show, but I may start now the he has fired back at the AMA drug & GMO pushers for criticizing his recommending natural diet aids of unproven effectiveness and asking that he be fired. I’m not saying those products work, but I do know that many herbal and natural treatments work as well as the drugs being pushed by the AMA and with far fewer side effects.

“The wide pond expands like a mirror, the heavenly light and cloud shadow play upon it. How does such clarity occur? It is because it combines the living stream from the Fountain.” ~Chi His

Beyond Pesticides promotes growing and eating healthy organic foods. Click on the photo to go to their site.



Change Evil, Don’t Destroy It

“When you resist evil you lock up good. You lock up the force of good which holds the evil inert. This serves no useful purpose, unless you have a superabundance of good which shall tand upon the platform thus formed and leap up from it to greater heights. Therefore it is not enough to meet hate with love, evil with good. … You must hate the hate and, having rendered evil inert by opposition, the love can take its stand upon the firm platform and use it as a thrust-block. Therefore you only oppose evil when you wish to do constructive work—when you wish to make something new. You never oppose evil when you wish to destroy.” ~Dion Fortune

angelo e diavoloIn other words, there is a right way and a wrong way to oppose evil. What Ms. Fortune is saying is that attempting to destroy evil is ineffective because by becoming a destroyer you become a tool of evil, an agent of evil. This was the lesson of the scene in Star Wars were the evil emperor tries to convince Luke Skywalker to kill Darth Vader, his father. Luke knew that Darth had become totally evil (according to the traditional definition of evil which we will get to later) but he was wise enough to know that if he did kill his father, he would become the new agent of evil. He would not truly be destroying evil, he would be spreading it like a contagious disease. So the solution is to spread good until there is no room for evil, no place for it in our hearts and minds. Instead of seeking ways to destroy evil, seek ways to overcome it, to replace the destruction with construction, stagnancy with creativity.

There is another problem with the idea of trying to destroy evil and that is knowing evil when we see it. For most of us, it is easy to say that murder is evil, rape is evil, yet in different places and among different people, the definition of what is a murder and what is rape varies. We have the Christians who consider Muslims evil, and Muslims who feel the same about Christians. We see terrorists killing hundreds of innocent people, but they say it isn’t murder because they are evil people. What the Muslim terrorists and the Christian “hate the fags” crowd don’t get is that their behavior is doing a very good job of spreading atheism. The point is, if we all set out to destroy what we consider evil, we will all destroy each other. Continue reading “Change Evil, Don’t Destroy It”


Star Fire is Closer to Spirit Than Earth Matter

“Our doctrine of the immortality of the heavenly system rests on the firmest foundation once we have cited the sovereign agent, the soul, and considered, beside, the peculiar excellence of the bodily substance consulting the stars, a material so pure, so entirely the noblest, and chosen by the soul as, in all living beings, the determining principle appropriate to itself the choicest among their character parts. No doubt, Aristotle is right in speaking of flame as a turmoil, fire insolently rioting; but the celestial fire is equitable, placid, docile for the purposes of the stars.” ~Plotinus

Das Feuer Ritual - Burning awakeningWhile we say that the material world is mortal, and everything in it dies and comes to an end, that is true only of the part of the thing or being which is matter. The laws of science tell us that matter cannot be destroyed, but only converted to energy or other forms of matter, and that is true as far as it goes. The problem with that statement is that it fails to account for those levels of being beyond the material that we call spiritual.

When the fallen angels, referred to as the demiurge in Gnostic teachings, created the material universe, they didn’t create it from nothing as God does with true creation. They created the material realm from the spiritual in the same way that a sculpture might create a statue from a tree or a rock. And since the spiritual is at the root of everything material, and since we know from this that spiritual substance can be converted to matter, it is logical and quite scientific to assume that matter can be converted to spirit. Continue reading “Star Fire is Closer to Spirit Than Earth Matter”


A Greater Treasure

“When I was dwelling in their midst, on day Sitaios, the elder of the council, the son of Gara, took me by the hand, … and went, dug up and showed me very great treasures, which he kept secretly buried. He said to me, ‘These treasures are mine … . From now on they will be yours. …’ When he had thus spoken to me I said in my heart, “My most blessed father preferred me and has given to me an immortal treasure that does not pass away. Whoever inherits it will receive immortal life from it.
“Then I spoke to Sitaios the elder: ‘Where are the forefathers, who acquired these earthly treasures before us, they who inherited them? For consider, they are dead and gone and they did not keep them as their own, neither did they carry them off with themselves. … What good then are these treasures to me, which introduce sins and offenses to everyone who acquires them? For the treasure of God is very great and exceedingly rich and will bring everyone who inherits it to life’” ~Mani

moon in the suitcaseMani understood what was truly a great treasure and what was not. A treasure that is fleeting, temporary is not the greatest. A treasure that is one of illusion, one of man-made importance, but of no true value because it does not really better us in any way is not the greatest treasure. The treasure we cannot take with us when we die is not the greatest. Yet those are the treasures that many of us struggle to gain in this world.

We should not envy the wealthy man who has “everything”, we should pity him because he has given up the truly great treasures from God for shiny trinkets and creature comforts that only provide temporary pleasure and only leave him wanting more. The truly great pleasure is not money or jewels, a mansion or a fleet of million-dollar cars (are you listening Creflo Dollar?) because they are not only temporary, they act as anchors to the ship of the soul. Why settle for pretending to own a few shiny baubles for a few years (you never really own them, they own you!) when you can own the most valuable treasure of all forever? Continue reading “A Greater Treasure”