“Was the religious, philosophic, and scientific knowledge possessed by the priestcrafts of antiquity secured from Atlantis, whose submergence obliterated every vestige of its part in the drama of world progress? Atlantean sun worship has been perpetuated in the ritualism and cerimonialism of both Christianity and pagandom. Both the cross and the serpent were Atlantean emblems of divine wisdom. … The six sky-born sages came into manifestation as centers of light bound together or syntheesized by the seventh. … The center of the Atlantean Wisdom-Religion was presumably a great pyramidal temple… From here the Initiate-Priests of the Sacred Feather went forth, carrying the keys of Universal Wisdom to the uttermost parts of the earth.” ~Manly P. Hall

AtlantisIt is certainly true that some of the great civilizations of the past, primarily that of ancient Egypt, learned mush from the people of Atlantis who visited them regularly. It is also true that modern religions owe much of their ceremonies to the Atlantean ones, however it is not true that the Atlanteans were sun worshippers.

When certain ancient civilizations are referred to as “sun worshippers” it means, or should mean, that they worshiped the sun as God, or at least a god. This, however, is not the case with the Atlanteans and many other that historians have labeled sun worshipers. The People of Atlantis did not think that the sun was God, but rather a channel for God’s Light. They believed that just as all earthly beings have a spiritual self as well as a physical one, the physical sun also had a spiritual counterpart. The physical sun is by far the most important source of light, heat and some other energies to Earth. Likewise, the spiritual sun is the primary source of spiritual energy to beings on Earth. But just as you can hide from the radiation of the physical sun, you can, to a large degree, hide from the spiritual Light. The unfortunate thing is that you have to make an effort to hide from the physical sun, but you need make no effort at all to hide from it’s spiritual counterpart.

Our planet has become so densely materialistic that our spiritual faculties remain dormant unless some great effort is made to awaken them. Sometimes, they are awakened by a great tragedy, or some other life-shaking event, but they can be awakened by more pleasant means. The priests of Atlantis knew how to do that and they taught priests in Egypt and others lands how to do it also. Those priests in turn taught priests and mystics in Greece and these secrets have been passed down through various priesthoods, mystery schools, and philosophical and mystical schools. Sadly, we find little of these teaching in the major churches of today except in some rituals for which the meaning has been lost., but they remain to varying degrees in some less famous churches and spiritual schools. So in this sense we can say that we owe much to the people of Atlantis.

One curious think I have noticed about the search for Atlantis is that, while many scholars suggest that some part of the story is wrong, specifically the location of Atlantis, or the century that it sank into the ocean, you almost never hear one suggest that what is false about the tale is the belief that it literally sank. What if the Egyptians priests who passed the tale on to Plato simply assumed that Atlantis sank when they lost contact with them? What if the priest didn’t mean it literally, but figuratively, as in their great civilization fell apart due to war, disease, drought, political intrigue, or some combination of those? If we consider that possibility and look in the direction and at the date Plato gave, we can see that what the Egyptians called Atlantis may still be above water on the continent of South America. The large number of mysterious and monumental ruins their certainly aims credence to that idea that has been suggested by a few, but largely ignored.


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