“When I was dwelling in their midst, on day Sitaios, the elder of the council, the son of Gara, took me by the hand, … and went, dug up and showed me very great treasures, which he kept secretly buried. He said to me, ‘These treasures are mine … . From now on they will be yours. …’ When he had thus spoken to me I said in my heart, “My most blessed father preferred me and has given to me an immortal treasure that does not pass away. Whoever inherits it will receive immortal life from it.
“Then I spoke to Sitaios the elder: ‘Where are the forefathers, who acquired these earthly treasures before us, they who inherited them? For consider, they are dead and gone and they did not keep them as their own, neither did they carry them off with themselves. … What good then are these treasures to me, which introduce sins and offenses to everyone who acquires them? For the treasure of God is very great and exceedingly rich and will bring everyone who inherits it to life’” ~Mani

moon in the suitcaseMani understood what was truly a great treasure and what was not. A treasure that is fleeting, temporary is not the greatest. A treasure that is one of illusion, one of man-made importance, but of no true value because it does not really better us in any way is not the greatest treasure. The treasure we cannot take with us when we die is not the greatest. Yet those are the treasures that many of us struggle to gain in this world.

We should not envy the wealthy man who has “everything”, we should pity him because he has given up the truly great treasures from God for shiny trinkets and creature comforts that only provide temporary pleasure and only leave him wanting more. The truly great pleasure is not money or jewels, a mansion or a fleet of million-dollar cars (are you listening Creflo Dollar?) because they are not only temporary, they act as anchors to the ship of the soul. Why settle for pretending to own a few shiny baubles for a few years (you never really own them, they own you!) when you can own the most valuable treasure of all forever?

One of the things most wealthy people do with their wealth is seek ways to live longer. They will give just about anything to add ten or twenty years to their lives of never being satisfied, never being truly happy. Meanwhile, the spiritual seeker who makes a concerted effort to do so finds the one truly great treasure: immortality. He gains immortality by awakening and growing the spirit and soul, the dormant spiritual faculties that lie within all of us and has no need to extend his life on the primitive level of death, disease and greed. Whats more, in following the tried and true techniques taught by legitimate spiritual schools on how to awaken the soul and spirit, he not only gains immortality, but also Gnosis and Oneness. With Gnosis, he knows all there is to know, and all of it is true, not speculation, not theory. And with oneness, he doesn’t need a box of shiny things locked in a safe, or a garage full of cars rarely used, because he is one with all gems and stones, one with all comforts, one with all beings above and below, and that is much better than having a few shiny objects trapped in your pocket.


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