The Brilliant Light Above

“The pool wherein you gaze is earthlife. The brilliant light above, far greater than the sun, is the manifestation of the One God, but it is not He. … The brightness you see before you and to the right is the naked spirit displaying itself in isolation. … The brightness above and ahead is the Region of Lightness, where the risen ones rejoice, for there they welcome their Earth companions and are happy in reunion.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:9:5-11)

HopeOver and over again, in scripture of many religions, many peoples and periods, we see Light, especially sun light, being related to God and heaven, yet few seem to get this. We here terms like “The brilliant light”, “the Great Light”, “The Pure Light”, and others, yet we go to pray in the dark caves with darkly colored windows we call churches and temples.

The quoted text says the brilliant light is a manifestation of God, but is not God Himself. That is an important distinction. When we in Cosolargy advise people to awaken their spirits and souls by taking in the light of the spiritual sun, critic call us sun worshipers. We are not worshiping the sun because we do not claim that it is God. Continue reading “The Brilliant Light Above”


The New Man of The New Golden Age

“And when he fashions and constructs and purifies the new man, he will bring forth five great living members from the five great members and places them in the members of the new man. He will place his mind, which is in love, in the mind of the new man. And thought, which is faith, he will place in the thought of the new man, whom he will purify. His, insight, which is perfection, … his council, which is patience, … and wisdom, which is his consideration, he will place in the new man…. And the new man reigns by love, by faith, by perfection, by patience, and by wisdom. Yet his king is the light mind, who is king of all.” ~Mani


Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man is a 1943 painting by Salvador Dalí

The New Man will be very different from the current man, and he is coming soon. Actually, the new man isn’t really new but is a return to what we were before The Fall. He will be new only in the sense of being new in a material world.

Mani is telling us how the new man will differ from the materialistic man of today, but in very generalized terms. He will be a person who operates out of love for all rather than from hatred, fear, or a need to control and dominate. He will have faith, but a faith based on the knowledge of truth rather than the blind faith promoted by many churches today (and some governments as well). He will have insight, intuition and knowledge of all so his actions will not be based on false beliefs or theories that are later found to be false. Yet, Mani tells us, he will be patient with and tolerant of those who continue to operate out of ignorance and fear because he will understand their condition and will know that they too will change eventually. Continue reading “The New Man of The New Golden Age”


Two Guiding Principles

“Let us note that in every one of us there are two guiding and ruling principles which lead us whither they will; one is the natural desire of pleasure, the other is an acquired opinion which strives after the best; and these two are sometimes in harmony and then again at war, and sometimes the one, sometimes the other conquers. When opinion by the help of reason leads us to the best, the conquering principle is called temperance; but when desire, which is devoid of reason, rules in us and drags us to pleasure, that power of misrule is called excess. Now excess has many names, and many members, and many forms, … The desire of eating, for example, … is called gluttony, … the tyrannical desire for drink, … has a name which is only too obvious. …” ~Socrates

Yin and Yang fantasy with angelsA person who eats far more than he needs is called a glutton? Not today. Today he is called an athlete and gets interviewed on television. Then we wonder why we have an obesity epidemic. We give one guy a trophy for scarfing down fifty hot dogs, then insult overweight people for eating too much. How wonderfully contrary of us! And why is it we don’t give a trophy to the guy who chugs thirty beers in an hour? Anyway, Socrates makes a good point. Most of us struggle with this most of our lives. We desire pleasures that we know are not really good for us while another part of us wants to do what is right and what is good, even when it isn’t all that pleasurable. We do seem to be living in an age when a large number of people have chosen to embrace pleasure with complete abandon and the hell with doing what is right. We have corporate executives who get paid more in a day than many of the actual workers in the same corporation make in a year, yet those executives say they can’t give them a raise. When will they learn that without the actual people doing the work, there executive brilliance wouldn’t earn the corporation one cent. And they will step around a homeless—yet employed—family to get to the stairs leading to their penthouse apartment that they rent for two million a year. We have politicians who tell us they want to do what is right for the people, while offering themselves for sale to the highest bidder. Worst of all, we have preachers like Creflo Dollar preaching greed as a form of Christianity, completely ignoring that it was Satan who tempted Jesus with promises of material wealth, not God.

Fortunately, at the same time this is happening, we also have people who are waking up and becoming responsible individuals working for the betterment of all instead of the greedy few, but they generally get little notice. In the area of spiritual growth and enlightenment, this is obviously an important area. This conflict between material desires and the need for spiritual growth can be a difficult hurdle to jump. When your boss wants you to work seventy hours in a week to meet a ridiculous and arbitrary deadline, you can’t tell him you need time to do your spiritual techniques and practices. When your spouse complains that you need to work harder and make more money so you can replace that old car that is falling apart, it isn’t easy to tell him/her that your spiritual growth comes first. Sometimes, it is even hard to convince yourself that the spiritual is more important than the material, and the forces of darkness are always around to convince you that it is the material that matter. This unfortunate situation is starting to change, but for now the person who is serious about growing spiritually and consciously has to be strong enough to resist the temptation most of the time. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up all material possessions and go live naked in a cave, but it does mean you can’t get so caught up in the rat race that you forget what really matters.


As Here, So There In a Holographic Universe

“When you’re practicing new perception, the Flow doesn’t really take you anywhere; you’re always at home in the center of your sphere … The flow is the movement between what physicist David Bohm called the implicate (enfolded/nonphysical) order, and the explicate (unfolded/physical) order. Bohm proposed that matter and consciousness are both holographic, in that they both enfold the structure of the whole within each part, and both are involved in a continuous process of enfoldment and unfoldment. … We’re blinking on and off, or in and out, of physical reality like an extremely fast strobe light that never stops. Our reality, which only exists in our now, is coming and going with us—it’s as though the present moment itself is breathing.” ~Penney Peirce

holograph-UniverseWhen people talk or write about Hermes and hos philosophy of , “as above, so below,” they think in terms of the solar system being much like an atom, a molecule being much like a galaxy. But maybe we should look at it more in terms of the science of quantum physics and the idea of the universe being a holograph. One of the things that distinguish a holograph from an ordinary photograph is that if you cut a holograph in half and than project both pieces, you get two whole images rather than two halves. You can cut the hologram in several pieces and each will still contain the whole.

There is no reason to believe that the great hologram that we call the physical universe is any different. In fact, some scientists have said that this great hologram is made of many rays of light that carry information and that as they cross each other, they gain information from each other with the result that all information is found in any one of those rays. If we knew how to do it, we could collect all information about the universe from one of those rays. The implication of this is that instead of pending many years learning facts and theories in school, only to have many of them change later, we would be better off if we learned how to tap into this universal source of knowledge. Continue reading “As Here, So There In a Holographic Universe”