“If the student has progressed so far that he can perceive the spiritual forms of those phenomena which are physically visible to his external sight, he is then not far from the stage where he will behold things which have no physical existence, and which therefore remain entirely hidden (occult) from those who have not received suitable instruction and training. …
“A further point of importance is what spiritual science calls orientation in the higher worlds. This is attained when the student is permeated, through and through, with the conscious realization that feelings and thoughts are just as much veritable realities s are tables and chairs in the world of the physical senses. In the soul and thought world, feelings and thoughts react upon each other as do physical objects in the physical world.” ~Rudolf Steiner

f6bc9b8a-99b1-47fa-b3e5-6f36e9ce7ca2Spiritual teachers say that all physical beings and objects have a spiritual counterpart and with proper training and practice the student can learn to see them in varying degrees. Some students quickly learn to see the spirits very clearly while others only see a vague transparent outline around the physical. Another way we notice spirits is that sometimes we seem to catch a quick movement out of the corner of the eye, but when we turn to see what it is, nothing visible is present. Sometimes, this is just a moving shadow or light reflecting of something moving, but sometimes it is spiritual beings that can’t exactly be seen by the physical eyes. Another thing is what the medical community calls spots or floaters in front of the eye. These are tiny specks of light that float around in front of the eyes under certain circumstances such as when you are very relaxed or have just strained yourself doing a difficult exercise at the gym. The medical community equates all such sights to physical problems with the eye that may indicate a disease or damage, but in certain cases what you are seeing are real beings, being of spirit.

Another thing that many people find hard to grasp is that thoughts and feeling are just as much real things as solid objects. We foolishly said when we were children, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” We were wrong. Words, thoughts, feelings can not only affect us, they are just about the only things that can. Jesus said that the one who sins in his thoughts is just as guilty as the one who does the deed. That seems foolish to the materialist, but it isn’t. The truth is that our feelings and thoughts control much, if not all, of what we see around us and what we experience in the world. And thoughts that are enhanced with strong emotions are even more effective at molding our environment.

There are many books today advising us on how we can improve our world by changing our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Some of them do give some useful advise, but most are to oriented to material gain and totally ignore the spiritual. One thing most of them seem to forget, though, is that the thoughts and feelings of an individual are rarely strong enough to overcome the thoughts and beliefs of thousands of others. Your might think that you can become president, but if all the people around you think that is impossible, their thought will likely override yours. Some have gone so far as to suggest that people might live twenty, thirty, even fifty years longer if we didn’t believe we were supposed to get old and die at a certain age.

Spiritual people understand this more than most because we are aware that the seemingly solid physical plane is not as real or as solid as it appears to be. We are also aware of the power of thought and emotion to affect it. It is believed by some that when there is a lot of anger in the thoughts of people, such things as hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruption can be triggered. We also understand that it is difficult for people to become spiritual in a materialistic world since the lower thoughts and vibrations of the materialists tend to hold us back like sandbags on a hot-air balloon. But now we have the very positive and very powerful energy of the Sun of Righteousness in the spirit of the sun to aid us. By attuning ourselves to that Sun and sending it positive thoughts of love and peace, we help to raise the thoughts and vibrations of all of us and move a little closer to the goal of redeeming the entire planet as God wishes.


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