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The United States military likes to exaggerate time for some reason so 2 o’clock becomes 2 hundred hours, 3 o’clock becomes 3 hundred hours, etc. Vladimir Putin heard about this recently and decided the Russian military would have to go one better than ours, so in their army 2 o’clock is 2 thousand hours, 3 is three thousand hours, and so on. Now Vlad’s new buddy in North Korea, Kim Jong-un is going even further. In North Korea, 2 o’clock will now be 2 million hours, 3 o’clock becomes 3 million hours.


I recently saw a Facebook post that suggested that the strangeness of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz can be explained by the availability of lead paint when they were children. That might also explain Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh and several other darlings of the extreme right.


OMG! Hillary Clinton put curtains on her windows! What is she hiding? Is she harboring werewolves or vampires? She also reportedly swept the floor. What did she sweep away? Were her dust bunnies hiding state secrets? OMG! OMG!


Now this is a smart idea: tires that generate electricity to recharge the battery in an electric car.


I’m sad to hear that Harry Reid is leaving the senate. The big question now is who in Nevada can replace him.


I can’t believe that Angelina Jolie has had additional body parts removed to prevent the possibility of future cancers. It’s a really sad comment on the state of medicine in this country that we have people dismembering themselves to prevent disease instead of eating real food to alkalize the body so the growth of cancer is virtually impossible.


I think the Affordable Care website (Obamacare) should start featuring Ted Cruz on the front page as a proud member.


Wouldn’t it be great irony if someone in Indiana now walked into a bakery to order a wedding cake and were told, “Sorry, we don’t serve Evangelical Christians. We only sell to Jews (or Muslims or Hindus).”


Seriously, though, some people need to learn that the surest way of losing your freedoms is to deny others theirs.


“He held me to his chest
And taught me a sweet science,
Instantly I yielded all
I had – keeping nothing –
And promising then to be his bride.

I gave my soul to him
and all the things I owned were his:
I have no flock to tend
nor any other trade
and my one ministry is love.

If I am no longer seen
following sheep about the hills,
say that I am lost, that
wandering in live I let
myself be lost and then was won.” ~St. John of The Cross



A guy who was spotted by the homeowners trying to break into their garage ran off, but dropped his credit card which he was using to pry open the lock.

A guy trying to rob a convenience store got a surprise. When he jumped up on the counter to grab money from the cash register, the store clerk hit him over the head with a chair.

A would-be art thief in England ran into a problem when he found that the painting he was trying to steal just wouldn’t fit under his sweatshirt. He had to leave without it, but they got some clear pictures of his struggle on the security cameras and he is now wanted for attempted art theft.

Another crook who got caught tried running down the hall and threw an open door to escape. The glass door wasn’t open.


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