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I’m glad that Bill Gates has added his influential voice to those warning us that if we give machines too much artificial intelligence, they may one day take over and enslave us. This is not, as some will claim, an anti-technology stance, but a concern about the type of technology. Even if you don’t think that machines could ever take over, consider how turning intellectual activities will make us progressively dumber just as turning most physically straining activities over to machines left us fat and weak. A simple example of this is to just notice how so many young people now use no punctuation of any kind when they post on Twitter or Facebook.


We’re all loving the nice weather we are having in the Reno, Nevada area while the East suffers from blizzards and cold. The bad news, though, is very little rain in January which is usually the rainiest month of the year. This indicate that the big West Coast drought is far from over.


I love the complete illogical statements coming from the fans of vaccinations. They are asking governments to ban kids without vaccinations from schools, or force them to be vaccinated, at gun point if necessary. They are afraid they they will pass some illness on to their heavily drugged children. But if the vaccinations actually work, what are they afraid of? Shouldn’t their children be totally immune? Or are they admitting that vaccinations just don’t do what they claim to do?

So McDonald’s CEO announced he was quitting in the face of seriously dropping sales. The word is though that franchise owners are advising the new guy to return to the basics of burgers and fries and drop most of the new dishes added over the last several years. Good idea franchisers! Let’s just ignore market trends and try marketing 1960’s food again and see joust how quickly McDonald’s will fall.


So Romney has decided not to join the clown parade. I hope Sarah Palin doesn’t follow his example. We need some clowns of the type that everyone can laugh at.


I’m glad to see there is progress being made in the fight to get GMO food labeled. I can’t imagine why any person would be against doing so. I can understand the big corporations like Coke, Pepsico and Monsanto who have spent millions fighting against labeling. But as more and more people become informed about these frankenfoods, the more they are demanding labeling.


I started a Facebook author’s page just over a week ago and now have over 250 likes SoulPowerSale1(mostly from other authors). So I have decided to put my latest non-fiction eBook on countdown sale this week on Amazon. For more info on my books, see the Books page on this blog.



“Not the perversity of others, nor their sins of commission or omission, but his own misdeeds and negligence’s should a sage take notice of.” ~Buddha


I read in a recent news story that a sort of art exhibit was done in England to “stimulate an octopus’s natural curiosity about color, shape and texture.” That might explain this incident where an octopus off the island of Bonaire swam straight at my bright yellow underwater camera. Octo-Bonaire


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