“The Flow is the movement between what physicist David Bohm called the implicate (enfolded/nonphysical) order and the explicate (unfolded/physical) order. Bohm proposed that matter and consciousness are both holographic, in that they both enfold the structure of the whole within each part, and both are involved in a continuous process of enfoldment and unfoldment. … Bohm said consciousness is a process, and in each moment the content that was previously implicate (nonphysical) is presently explicate (physical). …
“It’s helpful to realize that there are two main frequencies of this rocking Flow. There are long cycles that pertain to your growth and creative processes, and there is the very vibration of matter itself. … All the while, In a concurrent, microscopic cycle, we’re blinking on and off, in and out, of physical reality like a … strobe light that never stops. Our reality, … is coming and going with us.” ~Penney Peirce

Abstract backgroundI have not heard this theory before and I find it a very interesting one. The idea that, much like a light bulb that is blinking on and off so rapidly it appears to be always on, we are blinking in and out of physical reality, going back and forth between the spiritual and the physical. But if you think about it, we are told by spiritual masters and gurus that matter cannot exist in a spiritual world and spirit cannot exist in a material one so, since we are part matter and part spirit, we exist in a world that is between the two called the third dimension (dimensions one and two are pure matter and dimensions four and higher are spirit worlds). It makes sense that in order for us to exist as both spirit and matter, we must flow between the two worlds, but we don’t even know we are doing it because our physical brain/mind only knows what happened in the physical half of the cycle.

Spiritual teachers have always told us that everything happens in cycles and we can be more effective if we understand and use these cycles to our advantage. This does not mean that we should just “go with the flow” but that we act with the current instead of against it. A simple example of this is planting annual crops and flowers in the spring because they will not grow to maturity if you plant them in the fall (in most cases). Another example that is less obvious and often ignored is that there are growth cycles and non-growth or rest cycles for other things. For example, a business that decides to expand during a natural growth cycle is far more likely to succeed than one that does it during a rest cycle. A bodybuilders knows that after a hard workout, you need to rest and allow the muscles to recuperate. Is returning for small fractions of a second to the spiritual world a way for our spirits to recuperate and recharge? An idea that makes sense to me.

The most interesting part of this theory is that it is a scientific acknowledgment of the existence of the spiritual (non-physical, same thing), at least on the part of one renowned scientist. It may not seem like that is what he is saying, but in order for us to blink in and out from the physical to the none-physical, from matter to spirit, the worlds of spirit must exist and must be just as real as the physical ones, if not more so.

There is another way of looking at this theory, though. Maybe the flowing between these two dimensions is the spirit worlds attempt to pull us back to where we belong and maybe this is slowly changing our vibration rates and making us more spiritual. Maybe one day the vibration rate of everything physical will rise enough that it will all become spirit again and the flowing between the two world will be unnecessary. That is what we call God’s Great Plan and we can work toward it by taking in more spiritual light from the spiritual sun.


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