“The ferryman comes to the place of waiting, he of the winding river which is the tortuous channel of purification. The Newcomer stands at the mooring place and proclaims, ‘O ferryman, away to the region of the Blessed Ones. I am purified, purged of polluting evils; make haste, do not delay. I am a wanderer anxious to reach my destination. … Do not tarry, for I am anxious to depart from this somber shore. Have no fear, cautious one, for no evil dogs my footsteps. …’ The ferryman hesitates: he says, ‘Show me your token that I may know you have truly passed the tests, that I may know your true destination. …’ The Newcomer says, ‘My token is the brightness, which, if you be no imposter, you may see shining above my head, …” ~The Kolbrin Bible SCL:5:3-5

ferrymanWe are familiar with the tales of the ferryman who ferries people to Hades (Hell), but this story is of a different ferryman, or perhaps the same ferryman, but a different view of him. Here, it seems, the ferryman has a choice of destinations and can bring his passenger to the region of the Blessed or the Land of the cursed.

The new arrival asks the ferryman to take him to the place of the blessed ones, but the ferryman hesitates. The newcomer tries to encourage him to get moving, but the ferryman stays still. The Newcomer informs the ferryman that he has been purified and purged of pollution. What does he mean by that? Has he been pasteurized? Has he been mummified? Has he been soaked in some detox formula? No, that isn’t it. What he means is that he has purged himself of evil. The evils of materialism, ignorance, jealousy, negativity, violent behavior, and so on. He has done all this while still alive on the material plane so he will be ready and worthy of being taken to the place of the blessed ones.

This passage is telling us what we must do if we want the ferryman to ferry us to the “Realm of the Blessed Ones” that we call Heaven. We can’t spend our lives rolling around in the muck of materialism and the evils of greed, jealousy, hatred and divisiveness, and expect that when we die we can just tell the ferryman to take us to heaven and he will happily comply. We have to purify ourselves. We have to purge ourselves of evil deeds, thoughts, and behavior. We have to purge ourselves of false beliefs and “knowledge” and be filled instead with the true Knowledge from God called Gnosis. Only such purification will make us worthy in the eyes of the ferryman. And doing this is not easy, which is why it is called a winding river in the quote.

But wait, the ferryman went even further. He asks the newcomer for his “token” as proof that he is indeed ready to go to the land of the sacred ones. In the common myth of the ferryman, it is gold he demands. In the first Percy Jackson movie, Percy and his group have to pay him in gold drachmas to get a ride to the gates of Hades. But it seems in this quote that the token he is asking for is not money, but further proof that you deserve to be taken where you asked to go. The newcomer is wise and so provides such proof by saying that it is his brightness, the spiritual Light that shines from him that is his token, as indeed it is.

So how do we get such a “token”, how do we fill ourselves with that bright spiritual Light? First, we work on purifying ourselves as the Newcomer did. Second, we take in the Light of the spiritual sun, the Sun of Righteousness following the process taught in real spiritual schools. Please be aware that this is not the same as the sun gazing that is growing in popularity that has perverted these teachings by encouraging people to gaze at the physical sun rather than the spiritual. This may actually improve the health of your body, but it will do nothing for your spirit and soul.


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