“Whither are you carried, O Men, drunken with drinking strong Wine of Ignorance? Which seeing you cannot bear, why do you vomit it up again? Stand and be sober, and look up again with the Eyes of your heart, and if you cannot all do so, yet do so many as you can. For the malice of Ignorance surroundeth all the Earth, and corrupteth the Soul, shut up in the Body, not suffering it to arrive art the Havens of Salvation. Suffer not yourself to be carried with the Great Stream, but stem the tide you that can lay hold of the Haven of Safety, and make your full course toward it. Seek on that may lead you by the hand, and conduct you to the door of Truth and Knowledge, where the clear Light is…” ~Hermes

Joker Harlequin CardIt is a well-known fact of our world today, especially among marketing and advertising types, that if you repeat a lie many times over, people start to believe it it truth. Likewise, if you tell people what they want to hear, what they already believe to be true, they will almost certainly accept that as truth without question, and automatically reject anything that contradicts anything they strongly believe in.

Anyone who has take a class in statistics knows how easily they can be manipulated to indicate something that isn’t true. They can also be taken out of context, or used in a way that is actually meaningless, yet will be very convincing to some, especially those who agree with the conclusions. In some case, we see statistics being quoted on social media, and shared by thousands, which are the complete fantasies of the person who made the chart. This is what Hermes means by those drunk on ignorance.

While ignorance of worldly matters is a big problem, an even bigger one is ignorance of spiritual matters. These fall into two main groups: those who deny that anything spiritual exists, with no proof whatsoever to back up their claim, and those who believe in the spiritual, but think that simply believing in it makes them a spiritually enlightened person and they need make no further effort.

With the first type, generally known as materialists, they can be sub-divided into the complete materialists who are so caught up in the rat race for property and money that nothing else matters to them, those who worship material sciences to the point where they consider those scientists to be the arbiters of absolute and unquestionable truth, and those who simply live in ignorance and see no reason to change. The Powers of Light have ways of sealing with each group. In the case of the devoted materialist, they may suddenly find themselves losing much of their material wealth in a stock market crash, a natural disaster, or a rival business stealing their customers. For the science worshipers, they may suddenly see a pet theory proven false. The last group is probably the hardest, but they may be awakened to some degree by a major disaster. In any case, the Beings of Light will help certain individual awaken only if they see sufficient spiritual potential in the.

Probably the hardest ones to influence are those who have become trapped in a church or spiritual group teaching falsehood, but very convincing falsehood. They tell people what they want to hear and they are happy. They say you are saved just by joining this church and donating money. They say you are spiritually awakened just by joining the group and meditating. None of the great prophets ever taught such nonsense for good reason: it isn’t true. No one has an instant formula for becoming a spiritual adept. You can’t become a great surgeon just by joining a surgeons club or by getting a scalpel. You have to study and practice for years to be a great surgeon. Likewise, you have to study spiritual growth techniques and practice them for years before you can become spiritually enlightened. And you don’t become spiritual just by reading about it anymore than you lose weight by reading a diet book.

So let go of the ignorance and open yourself to truth. Don’t claim that spiritual worlds don’t exist when you have no evidence of it. Don’t claim that God is a fantasy simply because some churches have given a false impression of what God is all about. If you don’t know something, find out, don’t just take the lazy way out and deny it. And now that the Sun of Righteousness is shining down on us, the pursuit of spiritual awakening and eventual enlightenment is getting easier, so no more excuses.


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