“The Soul has life by its own nature and therefore does not, of its own nature, contain this negation of the Good; it has much good in it; it carries a happy trace of the intellectual-principle and is not essentially evil; neither is that Primal Evil present in it even as an accident, for the Soul is not wholly apart form the good. Perhaps vice and evil as in the Soul should be described not as an entire, but as a partial, negation of good. But if this were so, part of the Soul must possess the Good, part be without it; the Soul will have a mingled nature. … Perhaps Evil is merely an impediment to the Soul like something affecting the eye and so hindering sight. … If then vice is an impediment to the Soul, vice is an occasion of evil but not Evil-Absolute. Virtue is not the Absolute Good, but a co-operation with it; and if virtue is not the Absolute Good neither is vice the Absolute Evil.” ~Plotinus

IntuitiveHealing2God is good. Not mostly good, not sometimes good, but always and completely good. So as the Soul is linked with God, you might even say a part of God, the Soul can only be good, always ad totally. So when some writers, including spiritual writers and prophets, talk about an evil soul, they are not talking about our Divine Soul that comes from God being evil. That simply cannot happen. So they actually mean one of these things: the mundane or animal soul has become evil (not the Divine Soul) or the Divine Soul has been affected by evil like a blindfold over the eyes.

Covering the eyes with a blindfold may prevent you from seeing, but it hasn’t actually changed your eyes or your eyesight. Putting plugs in your ears may block sounds, but you have not gone deaf. Yous ears have not actually changed. But if you leave the blindfold over your eyes long enough, your eyesight will deteriorate and you may eventually become truly blind, even without the blindfold. Likewise, if you keep your ears constantly plugged, you will eventually loose the ability to hear.

If you wear eye glasses like I do, and have done so for some years, you are probably aware of an unfortunate result of doing so: virtually every time you get your eyes checked, they have gotten worse and your prescription needs to be made stronger. We have been led to believe that this progressive deterioration is normal, but it isn’t. It is a catch-22 situation: we need glasses to see clearly enough to read, and drive, but doing so causes an additional eye strain that causes the eyes to keep getting worse. If you break a leg, you have to wear a cast until it heals to a certain degree, but then you remove it so the bones and leg muscles will grow strong again. If you just leave the cast on forever, the bones and muscles will just keep getting weaker.

The Divine Soul, which is a gift to you from God, will also deteriorate if it is kept in a cast or covered with a blindfold. The blindfold or cast we put on our soul is materialism, or the denial of spirit.

If you buy some flower seeds and plant them in dry soil and set the pot in a dark room and never water them they will not grow. If you water them and give them sunlight and plant food until they are an inch tall, then stop, they will die. The soul is much the same. When you are born into the physical world, your soul is much like a seed. It is more potential than anything else. You must awaken it. You must feed it and water it. And you must remove the cover of compete materialism blocking out the sun light.

The divine Soul is awakened only by God’s Light that come to us through the medium of the spiritual sun. Not the physical sun as some sun gazing groups would have you believe, but the spiritual sun. The Soul is pure spirit and it needs spiritual energy to awaken and nourish it. And if you hide the soul, in a sense, bu embracing complete materialism and denying the spiritual, it is not likely to ever get that Light that it needs, and will never awaken. Even then, as Plotinus notes, the soul is not evil, it cannot become evil, it is simply hiding behind evil, buried beneath it. This is a good thing because it means that even at an advanced age you can have a change of heart and turn to the spiritual light and awaken your Soul and work toward complete enlightenment. It is never too late, but it is also never too early because none of us know how much time we have.


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