Mastering Self

“The student must himself give birth to a new and higher man within himself. This higher man now becomes the inner ruler who directs the circumstances of the outer man with sure guidance. As land as the outer man has the upper hand and control, this inner man is his slave and therefore cannot unfold his powers. If it depends on something other than myself whether I should get angry or not, I am not master of myself, or, to put it better, I have not yet found the ruler within myself. I must develop the faculty of letting the impressions of the outer world approach me only in the way in which I myself determine; then only do I become in the real sense a student. And only in so far as the student earnestly seeks this power can he reach the goal.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Meditation illustrationCan you imagine someone who has a brand new Ferrari and, instead of driving it, has it towed by a donkey like an old wooden cart? The idea is ridiculous, isn’t it. Yet that is to a large degree how many of us live. We have something very powerful within us: a greater self, a superman, but we leave him locked up and unused. We have a Ferrari, but we never take it our of the garage. We have a treasure chest full of gold, but we leave it buried in the back yard and live in poverty.

If you were in a pre-med class in college, and were told you had the potential to be a great surgeon, you would develop that talent, wouldn’t you? Assuming that you were in pre-med because you wanted to be a doctor, and you didn’t suddenly discover that the sight of a live person being cut open made you ill (I know someone that happened to), wouldn’t you want to develop that talent an expert saw in you? If you were into sports and a coach told you you had the potential to be an NBA star basketball player, wouldn’t you start concentrating on developing those faculties and abilities? Continue reading “Mastering Self”


The Mystic Path to Ultimate Knowledge

“The mystics, again, are, by their very constitution, acutely conscious of the free and active ‘World of Becoming,’ the Divine Immanence and its travail. It is in them and they are in it: or, as they put it in their blunt theological way, ‘the Spirit of God is within you.’ But they are not satisfied with this statement and this knowledge; and here it is that they part company with vitalism. It is, they think, but half a truth. To know reality in this way, … this is indeed, to know it supremely from the point of view of man, … but it is not to know it from the point of view of God. … Thus the skilled spiritual vision of Lady Julian, transcending the limitations of human perception, entering into harmony with a larger world … saw the all enfolding Divine Life.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Retro poster with all seeing eye and pyramidWhether you call them mystics, adepts or Gnostics, their ultimate goal is more than just a connection with God and with all creation, it is to experience being God. That is not to say that we are God, as some egotistical philosophies state, but that we are part of God and, under the right circumstances, and after sufficient training and experience, we can join with God so completely that for a time we will not recognize ourselves as anything but God, all of God with all the power, all the knowledge, all the experience, and yes, all the responsibility because God does feel responsible for what he creates and does not just create random crap (the fallen angels, or devils, do that). Continue reading “The Mystic Path to Ultimate Knowledge”

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Random Thoughts 1-25-2015

coffeeI was pleased to hear in the news recently that drinking coffee may prevent some forms of skin cancer. Not that I am particularly concerned about cancer (none of my relatives have died from cancer, as far as I know), but anytime I’m given a reason to drink coffee, I’ll take it.


I certainly hope the death of the Saudi king, who was considered a liberal, relatively speaking, won’t result in a return to more conservative practices like not allowing women to be educated.


Some athletes and former students are suing North Carolina U. claiming they were not given a proper education, in other words; because they were athletes others pretty much did the classroom work for them. Actually, no one is getting a good education from these universities because they ignore so much that is really important while emphasizing the trivial. One day, we will all realize this. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 1-25-2015”


Animal, Mineral, or Divine Being?

“Man becomes king of the brutes only by subduing or taming them: otherwise he will be their victim or slave. Brutes are … our passions; they are the instinctive forces of nature. The world is a field of battle, where liberty struggles with inertia by the opposite of active force. Physical laws are millstones; if you cannot be the miller, you must be the grain. … He who aspires to be a sage and to know the Great Enigma of Nature must be the heir … of the sphinx; his the human head in order to possess speech; his the eagle wings, in order to scale the heights. …You therefore who seek initiation, are you learned as Faust? Are you insensible as Job? … Have you overcome the vortices of vague thoughts? … The ass has its merit, …but take it for what it is worth, and decide whether ass of man shall be master.” ~Eliphas Levi

There can be little doubt that man has a duel nature accept to a complete fool. We are both primitive animal and an intelligent, thinking, reasoning being. We are material and spiritual. We are violent and friendly, loving and hateful, greedy and generous. This is necessary in order for us to have anything resembling free choice. The point of free choice, however, is that it does not free us from the consequences of those choices we make. As Professor Dumbledore told Harry potter, “It is our choices that make us what we are.” So we all need to, as Mr. Levi puts it, decide if we want to be a man or an ass. So lets look at the two types to get some idea of what this means. Continue reading “Animal, Mineral, or Divine Being?”